2021/4/2 - Patch v9.4.1

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v9.4.1 (aka the "We Fucked It Up, This Fixes It" hotfix) has been released to the installer. This is a small hotfix patch but it's necessary for everyone, please download it ASAP.

  • Fixes a major tank issue that prevented salvaging parts off of tanks.
  • Edits the AI somewhat heavily, this is an experiment to see if the AI is improved in terms of heat control and melee use.
  • Three new Community Content 'mechs added: The Corsair COR-7A2, the Fafnir FNR-5R and the Mad Cat MK II MC-85 (a unique 85t variant).
  • New Community Content pilot: Ranger

IMPORTANT: v9.4.1 is an "update" update. Run the installer again to let it just update your files and you're set to go. The installer auto-updates the CAB and injects Modtek for you.

IMPORTANT: v9.4.1 is not a save-breaking update, your saves are compatible.

IMPORTANT: You can see v9.4.1's patch notes, as well as any BTA patch notes, on our wiki on this page: https://www.bta3062.com/index.php/Patch_Notes

REMINDER: This update, and others like it, are made possible by my Patreon supporters. Without their support, updates would come slower and be less impactful. If you feel like being a part of the support for BTA, you can find me here: https://www.patreon.com/bloodydoves

REMINDER: Custom mod commissions are still available if you're interested. If you'd like to get your own community content added to BTA DM me, bloodydoves, and we can work something out.