2022/2/7 Patch v13.0

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v13.0 (aka the "What The Hell Have You Been Doing For The Last Month" release) has been released to the installer. This patch is arguably our largest patch ever, there's a *lot* to see and do and look at here, so let's waste no time and get into it!

**IMPORTANT AS HELL READ THIS DAMN YOUR EYES**: This patch is a SAVE BREAKING UPDATE. Your old saves are *not* compatible and you *will* need to restart your career. This is necessary for a bunch of internal reasons. It is our third ever in 2.5 years, you can deal with it. I think you'll agree it is worth it for this patch, just read on to see what this patch contains (it's a lot).

LESS IMPORTANT BUT READ IT ANYWAY DAMN YOUR EYES AGAIN: We have a new installer released alongside this patch. The new installer is not strictly speaking necessary but it has some performance updates and some backend for helping out the team with issues. It comes well recommended, grab it from the wiki by clicking here.

**ALSO LESS IMPORTANT BUT READ IT ANYWAY IF YOU USE THE SAVE EDITOR**: If you use the save editor, from now on DO NOT REMOVE MECHS/TANKS FROM YOUR INVENTORY, YOU CAN AND WILL BRICK YOUR SAVE. Do not remove items with 0 copies in storage either. Those removals are no longer safe and can brick your game. If you want to try, back up your save. If you don't, the consequences are all yours. The BTA Team will not assist people who brick their saves in this manner. You have been notified.

MAJOR NEW FEATURE: You can fight a dropship in BTA now, that's it, that's the tweet. There's a unique contract you can buy an entry into called Overthrowing the Overlord that involves you fighting a god damn Overlord DropShip. The Overlord comes complete with more than a dozen turrets, each of which can be targeted and destroyed independently of the ship itself and each of which is a potent danger on its own. The Overlord is protected by an unbelievable amount of armor and firepower, it's not going down without a fight. If you win, you get the best bragging rights in the entire universe. Also a pretty good BTA lootcrate. The Overlord is fully modeled, each turret is fully modeled as well and even turns to shoot you. If this isn't a headline grabbing item, nothing is going to be.

MAJOR NEW FEATURE: There is a new submod added into BTA called CustomPrewarm. What this does is "prewarm" the game's assets, making them more readily available to the game for loading. This should speed up loading times for most users. However, it also will pop up a box when you boot the game saying "Prewarming Assets, Please Hold" and you'll be unable to click on anything. This is normal, do not panic, all is proceeding as planned. You'll also see some extra text on loading screens indicating how many files are being accessed and such, this too is normal, do not panic, all is well. No action is required on the end user's part here, just be aware that these things are happening and everything is normal and expected.

MAJOR GRAPHICAL CHANGE: Units of all kinds have been rescaled. They're approximately 20% smaller than they were. This is a little weird to see at first but your brain will adjust and it'll even look better in time. For my first few hours with the new scale it looked very strange but eventually I got used to it and have come to quite like the new size. The reason is due to an adjustment in a core mod we're using that rescaled everything. It wasn't really adjustable so the change is here to stay.

NEW DEPLOYMENT SCREEN: This patch includes some core .dll updates, several of which have given us a brand new deployment screen set up. Now, you can deploy a total of 16 units once fully upgraded, divided into three lance screens. Each drop slot is delineated by what kind of unit can go into the slot (there's a little icon on each slot, you'll see). There's three kinds of units: 'Mechs, tanks, and battle armor. The first "lance" can be a total of six slots: two can drop anything, the other four can drop Mechs only. The second "lance" can be a total of six slots: two can drop tanks or 'Mechs, the other four can drop tanks only. The third "lance" can be a total of four slots and can *only* drop battle armor. You start with the following configuration of slots: lance 1 has two anything slots and two 'Mech slots, lance 2 has two tank/'Mech slots, lance 3 has 2 battle armor slots. The rest of the slots can be upgraded over time via Argo upgrades. Oh, also, there's Save/Load buttons on the deployment screen now. These let you save your lance configurations, you know, if you're into that sort of thing. Enjoy!

NEW ARGO UPGRADES: Speaking of, there's new Argo upgrades for the 'Mech slots, tank slots, and battle armor slots. They have borrowed icons from other upgrades to stand out a little on the screen too.

NEW FEATURE: Now, to go along with the updated deployment screen and new Argo upgrades, there's distinct Mechbays. In addition to the Mech Bay and Tank Bay, there is also a Battle Armor Bay (BA Bay). No longer with BA take up slots in your Mech Bays. Field BA! They're cool!

NEW FEATURE: There's now a Shutdown button, next to the Eject button, on all 'Mechs. It does what it says: turns your 'Mech off. You become immobile, lose all evasion, and can't act until you power up, but it also dumps all your heat. Use if you so desire.

NEW FEATURE: You can now see what 'Mech parts you have in storage while you're on the salvage screen! No more wondering if you can assemble that 'Mech with parts on the ship, now you can just check.

NEW FEATURE: The Mechbay now has two new buttons, one to save 'Mech loadouts and one to restore them. It's pretty self-explanatory, honestly. Also, the restore button also lets you restore 'Mechs to their stock loadouts (or as close as possible assuming you have the parts).

NEW MECHANIC: Crit-splitting has been introduced for larger weaponry such as the tube artillery and Heavy Gauss Rifle. What this means is that if a weapon takes more than 8 critical slots (spaces on the 'Mech), the excess slots past 8 are dynamic slots and can shift locations inward on the 'Mech. Example: the Long Tom is now 13 crits. If you put it in an arm with no actuators, that gives you only 10 slots to work with but never fear. Of the Long Tom's 13 crits, 8 are a single block and the other 5 are dynamic and can overflow to an adjacent location. So, you put it in the arm, the 8 main crits are there as are two of the dynamic crits. The remaining 3 dynamic crits now overflow into the side torso and bam, you have an arm mounted Long Tom. It sounds complicated but really isn't, you'll see it in play without issue. Accordingly, some weapons had their crits increased to proper values, such as the AC/20 (which is now properly 10 crits). This did necessitate some 'Mechs changing loadouts (though not many) so keep an eye out for any we missed and are now illegal.

NEW MECHANIC: CollateralDamage has been introduced. This is a sub-mod that means that if you destroy too many buildings on urban maps, you get penalized with c-bill fees for warcriming the civvies. Don't just fire off nukes on urban anymore unless you want to eat the fees.

NEW MECHANIC: There is a third StratCom to go along with Strategic Resolve and Strategic Accuracy, Strategic Defense. Fittingly, it gives you a defense bonus while the Commander is not on the mission. Enjoy!

UPDATED MECHANIC: AoE damage no longer causes critical damage, can't just insta-crit out enemies with 1 AoE attack anymore.

NEW FACTION: The Clans have a problem: the Dark Caste. The criminals and bandits of Clan society, living on the fringes, picking at the scraps, the Dark Caste is a nuisance at the best of times and a danger at the worst of times. Now, you can fight them as they raid around the Periphery in JàrnFòlk, Hanseatic League, New Delphi Compact, Chainelane Isles, and Clan Nova Cat realms. The Dark Caste cannot be befriended and has no worlds they claim as their own. They field mostly old Star League era 'Mechs, though they also have some unique 'Mechs, forgotten during the Clan Golden Century but dug back out by the Dark Caste. You can also find a few Golden Century chassis with them such as the Fox and Pulverizer.

NEW BATTLE ARMOR, THE GRANDADDY OF THEM ALL: The Elemental, the suit that started it all, has come to BTA along with a new bespoke custom model made by our very own FrostRaptor. You can get Elementals from Diamond Shark and Nova Cat.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Sloth has been introduced, this is a quadruped battle armor that uses a unique piercing Pop-Up Mine to cripple enemy 'Mechs when it swarms them. The Lyrans sell the Sloth.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Rotteweiler has been introduced, this is a quadruped battle armor that comes with a new Firedrake weapon that does heat damage. The Lyrans sell the Rotteweiler.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Asterion has been introduced. This is a Taurian BA suit with a recoilless rifle and is the twin to the Theseus. The Taurians sell it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Theseus has been introduced. This is a Canopian BA suit with a recoilless rifle and is the twin to the Asterion. The Canopians sell it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Grenadier has been introduced. It's a hard-hitting Davion suit with hardwired SRMs. The Davions sell it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Raiden has been introduced, this is an anti-BA suit by the Kuritans that uses a piercing BA gauss rifle. The Kuritans sell it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Tengu has been introduced. This is a 6-man squad of Word of Blake battle armor that jumps far and carries a BA Plasma Rifle. The Word of Blake sells it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Ying Long has been introduced. This Capellan suit carries a BA Plasma Rifle and has stealth armor. The Capellans sell it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Gnome has been introduced. This is a Clan battle armor suit and rivals the Elemental for the most versatile Clan BA. The Diamond Sharks sell it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Golem has been introduced. This Clan suit the heaviest BA suit in BTA at a whopping 10 tons for the squad. It carries an incredibly good BA gun, the Bearhunter Superheavy Autocannon. The Diamond Sharks sell it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Salamander has been introduced. This Clan suit is defined by flames. It carries flamers and an Inferno SRM for good measure. The Diamond Sharks and the Nova Cats sell it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Krupp has been introduced. This Inner Sphere suit carries an integrated unique BA Tube Artillery into the fray, providing artillery support even at the BA-scale. The Free Rasalhague Republic sells it.
NEW BATTLE ARMOR: The Achilles has been introduced. This non-canon Inner Sphere suit is all about survivability, thanks to its integrated Battle Armor Shield. It's not much of a fighter but it can take a bit of a beating. It's in general stores alongside the IS Standard.
BIG BA CHANGE: Battle armor are now distinguished between those with battle claws and those with mag clamps. Every suit will have one of these. Both allow the BA to be carried on 'Mechs/APCs but *only the claw can swarm attack*. Mag Clamps do not permit swarm attacks, only Battle Claws do. Mag Clamp BA not being able to swarm is not a bug, it is intended gameplay.

ANOTHER BIG BA CHANGE: Now, all Battle Armor that are capable of Swarm attacking (i.e. any with battle claws) also have a special "weapon" in the weapon panel called Swarm Attack. It has a range of 5m so it only works during a swarm and represents your guys tearing off armor with those claws. It does 10 damage + 5 damage per working claw in the squad (so if you lose a guy and his claw, the damage goes down).

GENERAL BA UPDATES: All of the above Battle Armors (except the non-Elemental Clan ones) have deployment contracts purchasable in their respective stores like the previous roster of BA do. Now, there's a light radius circle around Battle Armor when you go to mount them on something so you can see the range they can mount within (it's a little hard to see but it is there). TisButAScratch is disabled for Battle Armor, now they shouldn't bleed out anymore. BA weapons now tell you how much internal ammo they have, if they have it. There are a huge array of new battle armor weapons out there in the wild, check them out!

UPDATED BA-RELEVANT MECHANIC: Now, on urban ambushes, there's a lot more possible BA to attack you in the lists. However, because of the above changes, only some of them can swarm you, so that's good.

UPDATED BA-RELEVANT MECHANIC: In addition to Swat and Roll, there's now a third anti-BA ability, Erratic Maneuvering. This lets you run around to try and dislodge swarming BA but you suffer a massive attack penalty to do it.

UPDATED WEAPONS: A big slew of weapons now deal increased damage against Battle Armor. If it does heat damage, it murders BA. If it's a Machine Gun, it murders BA. If it's a Small/Micro Pulse Laser, it turns BA into a fine mist. Also, ammunition that do heat damage such as Inferno SRMs or Mech Grenade Inferno rounds also just blenderize BA. BA getting you down? Burn them to a crisp. The following receive a percentage damage bonus (listed below) when attacking BA:

  • cPlasma Cannon - 300%
  • Plasma Rifle - 250%
  • Bomb Bay Inferno - 200%
  • cMicro Pulse Laser - 25%
  • cER S Pulse laser - 50%
  • cSPL - 75%
  • Flamer - 75%
  • cFlamer - 75%
  • ER Flamer - 50%
  • Heavy Flamer - 100%
  • AoE Heavy Flamer - 100%
  • AoE Flamer - 75%
  • Heavy Vehicle Flamer - 100%
  • S XPL - 50%
  • S VSPL - 100%
  • SPL - 50%
  • Dissolving SPL - 50%
  • Piercing SPL - 25%
  • MG - 50%
  • HMG - 100%
  • LMG - 25%
  • Incendiary MG - 50%
  • MG Array - 50%
  • cMG - 50%
  • cHMG - 100%
  • cLMG - 25%
  • RL10/15/20 Inferno - 50%

NEW MECH: The Seraph, an 85 ton Word of Blake assault OmniMech, has lumbered into play. Find it with the Word of Blake and in their faction store.

EDITED MECH: The ExcavatorMech has been reworked. It is now a 50 ton medium 'Mech and two variants of the Excavator have been removed (the -2B and -7H). The other variants have been edited accordingly to reach 50 tons but generally resemble their old versions, just smaller.

NEW MECH QUIRK: The Highlander (the IS one, not the Clan one) has gained a bonus quirk, the Highlander DFA quirk. This quirk takes the full leg actuators in both legs but makes the Highlander the undisputed king of the DFA. Stomp away!

NEW TANK (not really but kind of): The Bulldog, which has been in BTA for yonks, is now available in Periphery shops for the player to play with. Enjoy.

NEW VTOL: The Unnsvin Carrier Airship has floated into combat. It can carry two full battle armor squads, can deploy them anywhere, can let them shoot out of the airship at enemy targets, has some sweet custom animations, and comes in three variants. Get them from the Free Rasalhague Republic faction store.
NEW VTOL: The Hale Artillery VTOL has arrived. Carrying a LRM-10 and a special TAG laser, the Hale exists to provide unique fire support. The special TAG it carries allows you to call in delayed artillery barrages against locations or TAG'd units. Have fun with it. The FRR sells the Hale in their faction store.
NEW VTOL: The Mata Hari Sensor VTOL is now available to players. Formerly only available through the Drone Deployment Beacon, the Mata Hari has no weapons and is a purely supporting unit, but you can make that work I bet. ;) The FRR sells the Mata Hari in their faction store.
NEW VTOL: The Red Kite VTOL has arrived and is faster than hell with its 6 chemical lasers. Doesn't do anything fancy, just zips around shooting guys. The FRR sells this too.
GENERAL VTOL UPDATES: All of the above VTOLs, as well as the Kirov and Dixon, have gained armor plating that provides some small damage reduction. The Kirov variants have been turned down in lethality a bit.

NEW ITEM: There are now a pair of Anti-Air FCS equipments. One boosts accuracy against aerial units, the other boosts evasion ignore against them. Note that aerial units *includes* LAMs in Air'Mech mode.
NEW ITEM: There is now an item called the Battle Armor Handhold. Equipping this to your 'Mech lets that 'Mech carry battle armor in combat as-though it were an Omni'Mech.
NEW ITEM: There are now reinforced arm and leg actuators for giving arms and legs bonus structure. They're the Brigadier Bulk and Brigadier Dense actuators.
UPDATED ITEMS: A slew of items had prices rebalanced: most of the actuators, the IJJs, most of the cockpits, most of the gyros, the exchangers and heat banks, and a lot of the TTS's. All the prices were meant to standardize pricing somewhat across the item type and in each "family" of items. Some prices went up, others went down.

UPDATED ITEMS: The Chameleon LPS and Null Signature Systems have been modified such that they have linked components in all body parts and generate heat correctly (they make flat heat amounts instead of making a percentage of weapon heat).

NEW ICONS: Careful Maneuvers has a new icon that fits it better. Every melee weapon has a distinct icon and there's some funny ones (the Excavator's backhoe is particularly amusing). ECM/Active Probes/Stealth gear icons have all been updated. Attack Ground's icon is a little better.

NEW PILOT SKILL (kind of): OpFor Clan Pilots have a special hidden quirk now that gives them bonuses to their Gunnery/Piloting/Guts/Tactics as well as reducing their melee damage by 50%. I've tried to get this to be visible but to no avail right now. Maybe eventually.

UPDATED PILOT SKILL: Brawler no longer provides two kicks. Kicks are already the best melee and don't need to be better. In return, Brawler now does +35% damage instead of +20%.

NEW STARTING OPTION: The Industrial start has been added, for folks who really want to use Crosscuts and Dig Kings. Go nuts.

UPDATED STARTING OPTIONS: The Brawling, Fire Support, Recon, and Sniper options were removed since they're not really used much. To reflect on the much updated Battle Armor functionality, the following starts gained an APC and Battle Armor each: Aurigan, Magistracy, Marian, Outworlds, Taurian, Lights Only, Pirate, Primitive, and Tank. The BA list in all these starts can give you basically any BA in the mod (even one of the Clan armors), which is a pretty long list at this point. Have fun with it. The Battle Armor start has been moved to Fatima (a formerly-Lyran world that is now a Free Rasalhague Republic planet).

MAJOR BUG FIX: There was a known called shot exploit in older BTA versions. We've now patched that out. No more stacking Called Shot and other Resolve-based skills in the same action for you.

COMMUNITY CONTENT: A decent raft of Community Content has been added. There is now the Omni-Marauder (two variants!), the Rail Gun from MechWarrior 4's MekTek packs along with two 'Mechs, there's a new Highlander IIC, the Ultra Snub-Nose Gauss Rifle is in Mackdad's store, there's a new Cicada named Regret with a new weapon, the Flammenwerfer (it werfs flammen), a Mad Dog named the Streaker, the Super Valkyrie complete with prototype standard IJJs, and the Valkyrie IIC.

  • The Hollander II has been repriced to be less absurd.
  • The cSSRM line has been repriced to be less dumb.
  • Strafing waves have been nerfed, now there are only 2 waves instead of 3. Costs have been adjusted as well.
  • The Clan Negative and Positive Quirks have been merged into 1 quirk on the upper Life Support slot.
  • The Armored Cowl++ prevents bleedouts now.
  • Battle Armor Jump Jets work properly now.
  • Overwhelming Aggression now does 10% bonus damage instead of 20%.
  • Revostae's special pilot ability now actually has the proper IndirectFire bonus of +4 instead of +6 (it was a typo, whoops).
  • The AC/2 does way less stab damage now, it was doing a LOT, whoops. 3 stability per shot (reduced from 7 per shot).
  • FTL LRM ammo has had its clustering modifier dialed way the hell down so it's a little less of a laser drill now.
  • The Rifleman and JagerMech Anti-Air Targeting quirks have been buffed somewhat.
  • Tukayyid was swapped from a Free Rasalhague Republic planet to a ComStar planet.
  • A frankly irresponsible amount of bugfixing and dll updates.

IMPORTANT: v13.0 is an "update" update. Run the installer again to let it just update your files and you're set to go. The installer auto-updates the CAB and injects Modtek for you.

IMPORTANT: v13.0 is a save breaking update, your old saves do not work anymore and are not compatible. You can try using them but they are likely to not function and the BTA Team will not assist you with them in any capacity.

IMPORTANT: You can see v13.0's patch notes, as well as any BTA patch notes, on our wiki on this page: https://www.bta3062.com/index.php/Patch_Notes

REMINDER: This update, and others like it, are made possible by my Patreon supporters. Without their support, updates would come slower and be less impactful. If you feel like being a part of the support for BTA, you can find me here: https://www.patreon.com/bloodydoves

REMINDER: Custom mod commissions are still available if you're interested. If you'd like to get your own community content added to BTA DM me, bloodydoves, and we can work something out.