Clan Nova Cat

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Clan Nova Cat
ClanNovaCat logo.png
Capital World Irece
Ruler Santin West
Military Clan Nova Cat Touman
Secret Service Clan Nova Cat Watch

A Clan marked by their own unique brand of mysticism, the Nova Cats are guided by visions and portents, and even its Khans first consulted with the Oathmaster before undertaking any action which could affect the Clan.


Clan Nova Cat Omicron Galaxy

Clan Nova Cat Omicron Galaxy

CNC Omicron Galaxy

Unit Rating: Garrison

One of Clan Nova Cat's garrison galaxies, Omicron Galaxy has provided steady, if uninspired, service throughout its entire history. Omicron has been tasked to defend Nova Cat's territory against all challenges and rises to the occasion every time.

Enemy Factions

The following is a list of factions that can appear as opfor in missions while working for Clan Nova Cat. Additionally, while allied with Clan Nova Cat these factions will consider you an enemy and your reputation with them will not rise above 0:

Faction Store Inventory

The Clan Nova Cat faction store can be accessed in any of their systems after allying with them. A list of all faction stores can be found here.


  • Faction Unique
Faction Weapons Ammunition Equipment Full 'Mechs 'Mech Parts Vehicles Battle Armor Contracts
ClanNovaCat logo.png

Clan Nova Cat

BA Avenger (C)
BA ER S Laser (C)
BA Flamer (C)
BA Inferno SRM1 (C)
ER L Laser (C)
ER M Laser (C)
ER S Laser (C)
LBX AC/2 (C)
LBX AC/5 (C)
LRM5 (C)
LRM10 (C)
MG (C)
SRM2 (C)
SRM4 (C)
Ultra AC/2 (C)
Ultra AC/5 (C)
None None Nova Cat NCT-A
Nova Cat NCT-B
Nova Cat NCT-C
Nova Cat NCT-D
Nova Cat NCT-E
Nova Cat NCT-M
Nova Cat NCT-Prime
Vision Quest VQ-1NC
Vision Quest VQ-1S
Vision Quest VQ-2NC
Vision Quest VQ-3NC
None None Elemental
Salamander Battle Armor
Contract for Nova Cat Airdrop
Permanent Contract for Elemental Airdrop

Starting 'Mechs

Clan Nova Cat currently do not have their own start. For the generic Clan 'mech start see: Clan Starter List

Faction 'Mechs

Mechs fielded by Clan Nova Cat
Assault Mechs
Heavy Mechs
Medium Mechs

Mechs fielded by Clan Nova Cat Omicron Galaxy
Assault Mechs
Heavy Mechs
Medium Mechs
Light Mechs

Clan Nova Cat Unique 'Mechs

The Nova Cats field a selection of 'mechs unique to their forces that you won't be able to find with other Clans.






Nova Cat

Vision Quest