Clan Jade Falcon

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Clan Jade Falcon
JadeFalcon logo.png
Capital World Ironhold
Ruler Marthe Pryde
Military Clan Jade Falcon Touman
Secret Service Clan Jade Falcon Watch

Staunch traditionalists and aggressive fighters, the Jade Falcons were central in the creation of the Crusader philosophy. They live by the mantra "might makes right".

Enemy Factions

Players cannot take contracts from or ally with Clan Jade Falcon. The following is a list of factions that Clan Jade Falcon considers enemies. Clan Jade Falcon may occasionally show up as a third enemy faction in a battle to fight these:

Faction Store Inventory

Players do not have access to Clan Jade Falcon faction stores as it is impossible to ally with them. A list of all available faction stores can be found here.

Starting 'Mechs

Clan Jade Falcon currently do not have their own start. For the generic Clan 'mech start see: Clan Starter List

Faction 'Mechs

Clan Jade Falcon Unique 'Mechs

The Jade Falcons field a selection of 'mechs unique to their forces that you won't be able to find with other Clans.


Kit Fox KFX-P




Hellbringer HBR-P

Night Gyr NTG-L