Circinus Federation

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Circinus Federation
Circinus logo.png
Capital World Circinus
Ruler H.R. McIntyre
Military Black Warriors
Secret Service Federal Intelligence Command (FIC)

The Circinus Federation are effectively a highly organized pirate group that operates under the guise of being the legitimate armed forces of a democratically elected government.

Enemy Factions

The following is a list of factions that can appear as opfor in missions while working for the Circinus Federation. Additionally, while allied with the Circinus Federation these factions will consider you an enemy and your reputation with them will not rise above 0:

Faction Store Inventory

The Circinian Federation faction store can be accessed in any of their systems after allying with them. A list of all faction stores can be found here.


  • Best In Slot
  • Faction Unique
Faction Gear
Weapons Ammunition Equipment Full Mechs Mech Parts Vehicles Battle Armor Contracts
Circinus logo.png

Circinus Federation

MG Array
Heavy MG
Light MG
Slug MG
Incendiary MG
Narc Launcher
Ammo - Narc
Ammo - Narc Haywire
Ammo - MG HEAP
Ammo - MG AOE
Ammo - MG Tracer
None RGH-1A
HZD-2C Parts
HZD-3C Parts
None None Hazard Airdrop

Starting 'Mechs

The Circinus Federation does not have a starting 'mechs option.

Faction 'Mechs