Aurigan Coalition

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Aurigan Coalition
Restoration logo.png
Capital World Coromodir
Ruler Kamea Arano
Military Aurigan Coalition Military (ACM)
Secret Service Unknown

The Arano Restoration is the remnant of the former Aurigan Coalition, driven from power by the treachery of Santiago Espinosa. Those still loyal to the Arano family fled into the Rimward Frontier, the expanse of unsettled systems adjoining the Magistracy of Canopus. Many noble houses of the Aurigan Directorate harbor sympathies for the Restoration and its cause: returning the Arano monarchy to power.

Enemy Factions

The following is a list of factions that can appear as opfor in missions while working for the Aurigan Coalition. Additionally, while allied with the Aurigan Coalition these factions will consider you an enemy and your reputation with them will not rise above 0:

Faction Store Inventory

The Aurigan Coalition faction store can be accessed in any of their systems after allying with them. A list of all faction stores can be found here.


  • Best In Slot
  • Faction Unique
Faction Gear
Weapons Ammunition Equipment Full Mechs Mech Parts Vehicles Battle Armor Contracts
Restoration logo.png

Aurigan Coalition

Mech Grenade Launcher
Small Chem Laser
Medium Chem Laser
Large Chem Laser
Ammo - Chem Laser
Ammo - HE Grenade
Ammo - Inferno Grenade
Ammo - Smoke Grenade
None LCT-1V
LCT-1V Parts
STG-3R Parts
WSP-1A Parts
BJ-1 Parts
SHD-2D Parts
None None Kintaro Airdrop

Starting 'Mechs

The Arano start randomly selects one 'mech from each of the following five lists for your starting lance. A full list of starts can be found here.

Note: Mechs marked with an asterisk (*) are DLC exclusive and will not be included if you do not have the corresponding DLC.

Starting Planet: Ichlangis

Generic Periphery Medium: Whitworth WTH-1 Vindicator VND-1R Centurion CN9-A Trebuchet TBT-5N Griffin GRF-1N Shadow Hawk SHD-2H Wolverine WVR-6R Clint CLNT-2-3T Vulcan VL-2T* Assassin ASN-21*
Generic Periphery Light: Locust LCT-1E UrbanMech UM-R60 Mongoose MON-67 Commando COM-2D Cicada CDA-2A Panther PNT-8Z Hornet HNT-151
Generic Bug: Locust LCT-1E Locust LCT-1V Wasp WSP-1A Wasp WSP-1L Stinger STG-3G Stinger STG-3R Hornet HNT-151 Flea FLE-15*
Aurigan Light: Mongoose MON-70 Panther PNT-9R Wasp WSP-3W Stinger STG-3G Locust LCT-3V Firebee FRB-2E
Aurigan Medium: Kintaro KTO-18 Kintaro KTO-19 Kintaro KTO-20 Icarus II ICR-1S Shadow Hawk SHD-5M Wolverine WVR-7H
Generic Light Tank: Scorpion Mk II Scimitar Pegasus Harasser Hunter Saladin Galleon Savannah Master
Generic APC: Sleipnir APC Badger Tracked Transport Wheeled APC (SRM) Alsvin APC Vargr APC
Battle Armor: IS Standard IS-S-BA Achilles ACH-BA

Faction 'Mechs