2019/9/9 - Patch v2.9.2

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v2.9.2 has been released. This is a very minor update to BTA Core but comes with some news and some big module news. In BTA Core, all that changes is the addition of the Hauptmann and Blackjack Omni and some minor housekeeping and little fixes.

In the DLC modules though, we have a bunch of new Flashpoint content. In the Urban Warfare Module we have the second installment of our on-going Wallo Story Arc, Smooth Criminal, the sequel to our first custom Flashpoint, Mack Attack. In the Flashpoint DLC Module we have a series of linked flashpoints that bring the campaign missions of BattleTech to Career mode.

v2.9.2 is a copy and overwrite update. Copy it in there and overwrite when prompted. REQUIRES UPDATED CAB FOR THE HAUPTMANN

Additional news: so, last month I posted about the fact that I was under some serious personal stresses and updates would be thin for awhile. That was true and I'm sure you've all noticed. I'm happy to announce today that those stresses have ended and I'm more able to dedicate real effort to BTA again. Expect some big and exciting stuff in the near future! I'm back and BTA is back on the menu!