2020/1/25 - Patch v4.1

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BTA v4.1 has been released. This is another landmark release, actually, unexpectedly so. There are a number of small changes: various fixes, shops are spawning more ammo, a few jihad guns have been updated (VSPLs/Bombast/flamers/HVAC all received changes), there's some ammo changes and a new AC ammo (Sabot). But, there's two big changes.

First, Galaxy at War has been added to the conflicts list for BTA Core. This means it is no longer available for use with BTA. This isn't gonna be mega popular but it's been causing issues with some parts of BTA, so we are disabling it for support effectiveness reasons. Sorry folks.

Second, the good change: faction spawning is now a part of BTA. Factions now spawn mechs appropriate to that faction based on the mech and faction's lore-appropriate mech roster. This means that if you want a specific mech, sometimes you're gonna have to go farm it from a specific faction (ex. Fafnir is a Steiner-only mech now, go find it from them).

Every module updated because of the faction spawning, grab them all again.

IMPORTANT: v4.1 is a clear and reinstall update. Clear out Mods, reinstall BTA and the CAB (using the new installer it should be super quick), reinject ModTek, and you're good to go.