2020/11/25 - Patch v7.7

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v7.7 (aka the "Happy BTA-Giving!" release) has been released to the installer. There's some things in here today, so let's hop to it.

NEW MECH: The Brigand, a 25 ton pirate laserboat. Find it with the Tortugans and wherever pirates can be found. In Pirate starter list.

NEW MECH: The Mantis, a 30 ton Solaris VII styled melee mech with CLAAAAAAAAWS. Find it with mercenaries and Local Government forces. In Mercenary starter list.

NEW MECH: The Sha Yu, a 40 ton stealth laserboat. Find it with the Capellans and Canopians. In Liao start lists.

NEW MECH: The Enfield, a 50 ton "it's totally not an Enforcer, guys" mech. Find it with the Davions and Steiners.

NEW MECH: The Bombardier, a 65 ton "I can't believe it's not an Archer!" missile mech. Find it with most great houses as well as ComStar.

NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Objective building health has been an issue for awhile. Now, thanks to FrostRaptor, we have a fix. Objective buildings now have scaling health based on the difficulty of the contract. This applies to Defend Base, Destroy Base, Attack/Defend, flashpoint contracts, and anywhere else a building is an objective. It does NOT apply to turrets, which aren't buildings.

NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Mech evasion is now shown as both chevrons and as a number next to the chevrons, for ease of player information.

  • Updated some of the campaign flashpoint missions to have a little more sensible OpFor. Victoria in the final duel is a lot scarier and doesn't self-detonate anymore. More updates will come over time.
  • The final showdown with the Bounty Hunter and Black Widow in the Heavy Metal flashpoint chain has been reworked and should be much scarier now. If you have Clans installed, the BH and BW will be driving some very spooky stuff, ye be warned.
  • Omnimechs of all stripes should have fixed e-coolings properly now. That was always intended and wasn't the case for silly reasons. Fixed now.
  • Piercing gear should work properly. Again. sigh
  • Some faction stores have a few extra mechs in them or have had their mechs changed to be a little more flavorful.
  • Machine Guns were modified again, they're still too easy to crit-kill stuff with so they changed again.
  • Lots of core dll updates.

IMPORTANT: v7.7 is an "update" update. Run the (new) installer again to let it just update your files and you're set to go. The installer auto-updates the CAB and injects Modtek for you.

IMPORTANT: v7.7 is not a save-breaking update, your saves are compatible.

Reminder: This update, and others like it, are made possible by my Patreon supporters. Without their support, updates would come slower and be less impactful. If you feel like being a part of the support for BTA, you can find me here: https://www.patreon.com/bloodydoves