2020/3/11 - Patch v4.4

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BTA v4.4 (aka the Imptacular Update) has been released. This is mostly a compatibility and bugfixing release, but has a few relevant gameplay changes. While I won't list off every bug we fixed, I will list off the new gameplay changes:

  • XXL engines now generate bonus weapon heat, as intended.
  • Max possible allowed weapons on a single mech increased to 15 (not super useful but there's a few mechs it affects)
  • New mech: the Valiant, a 30-ton light melee mech, has been added.
  • New mech: the Imp, a 100-ton brick shithouse of a mech, has been added.
  • BTA Custom Mechs, once an optional component for BTA, has been added into BTA Core. This will increase tactical diversity on the battlefield by a large margin. Additionally, it was always intended as part of the core experience, so I finally decided to bring it into the core properly. Shoutout to the user who recommended that to me, you know who you are.

IMPORTANT: v4.4 is a clear and reinstall update. Clear out Mods, reinstall BTA+optionals and the CAB (using the new installer it should be nice and quick), reinject ModTek, and you're set to go.

IMPORTANT: v4.4 requires HBS BT patch 1.9.1. Update to that version before installing BTA v4.4. Reminder that you will need to reinject ModTek after you update BT to patch 1.9.1