2021/2/27 - Patch v9.0

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v9.0 (aka the "The Dream is Real!" release) has been released to the installer. What a patch this is, let's go:

NEW FUNCTIONALITY: HOLY SHIT IT'S QUAD MECHS. Four-legged mechs, called quad mechs in BT, have come to BTA. There are two at present, the Goliath and the Barghest, both detailed slightly below. Quads have bonus movement speed, the two we currently have possess 360 vision thanks to their turrets, and benefit more heavily from some new functionality described below (line of sight obstruction). Quads are also very stable and have massively increased stability thresholds (four legs good, two legs bad). Go check 'em out!

NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Waypointing has come to HBS BT. Now, as long as you are walking (not sprinting), you can hold left CTRL and click to make waypoint movement within your walk range. This lets you walk around fire and mines pretty effectively, give it a try!

NEW FUNCTIONALITY (not really): Specializations can be reset for a given pilot by control-clicking the "Service Record" tab in the barracks; requires Argo Training Module 2. This has been in BTA for a patch or two but we forgot to document it.

NEW FUNCTIONALITY (kind of): The heat scale has been modified. Now, ammo explosions are MUCH harder to cause and system failures are much easier to cause. This should help curb the mechs randomly exploding a little. Still won't be a perfect fix but it should help somewhat.

NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Obstructed line of sight now has a larger and more relevant penalty: when shooting at a target via obstructed sight lines, they will take reduced damage to certain body parts (the obstruction is blocking some of the fire). Specifically, against tanks you will deal 50% less damage to every location but the turret. Against normal bipedal mechs you will deal 50% less damage to the legs. Against quad mechs you will deal 75% less damage to all four legs. Now, you need to really pay attention to your line of sight and try to get those clear shots. However, do be aware that it works in reverse too: you will take less damage from obstructed shots the AI takes.

FIXED FUNCTIONALITY: Sensor/sight range boosts were not working properly. They do now. Enjoy seeing things proper-like!

NEW MECH: The Goliath, an 80 ton quad mech. The Goliath straddles the eras and factions can be found fairly widely across the Inner Sphere in small numbers. Also it's sweet looking.

NEW MECH: The Barghest, a 70 ton quad mech with BIG BOLD BALLISTICS. The Barghest is close to a Steiner exclusive, so go fight them for one.

  • There's a big batch of new pilots to represent the Wiki Team as thanks for their hard work. Go find 'em!
  • Battle Armor is fixed and can be used again.
  • Fixed Hunchback affinity.
  • Fixed Vehicle Slot 2, it can be actually purchased this time.
  • Darius no longer yells at you as much about low funds.
  • The Encouraging affinity is a little stronger.
  • Brawler, the pilot skill, has been upgraded to permit double kicks.
  • New Delphi faction store is fixed.
  • Fixed a number of Report Me errors.
  • The Clan positive quirk got nerfed a little (less accurate, less heat sunk).
  • Mortar Flare AoE radius was reduced heavily.
  • Carrier names were clarified and should, hopefully, be a little clearer now.
  • A large number of turrets were updated and fixed.
  • ECM no longer stacks, as was intended.
  • There's a new Tank In Town, a Large Laser Carrier. Have fun with that.
  • Rocket Launchers now don't explode if they're empty.

IMPORTANT: v9.0 is an "update" update. Run the installer again to let it just update your files and you're set to go. The installer auto-updates the CAB and injects Modtek for you.

IMPORTANT: v9.0 is not a save-breaking update, your saves are compatible.

REMINDER: This update, and others like it, are made possible by my Patreon supporters. Without their support, updates would come slower and be less impactful. If you feel like being a part of the support for BTA, you can find me here: https://www.patreon.com/bloodydoves