2019/9/29 - Patch v3.0.2

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BTA v.3.0.2 has been released. This is not the biggest update but has some nice stuff and one very important change. Lots of fixes, lots of little stuff. There's a new mech, the Templar OmniMech; there's a bunch of new custom mechs (Ostroc/sol, Wolverine); the gear that shouldn't be spawning isn't spawning anymore; there's a bunch of new ronin pilots for you to acquire and play with; a bunch of weapons were nerfed/buffed depending on what they are; FPEnabler and RNGFix have been removed; and then there's the big change, the TTS systems. The TTS systems are now cockpit items. This means that you need to remove them from your mechs BEFORE YOU UPDATE or you'll break your mechs and have to store/ready them.

v3.0.2 is a clear and reinstall update. Clear out Mods and reinstall BTA and the CAB as normal. REQUIRES BATTLETECH PATCH 1.7.1. REINJECT MODTEK AFTER PATCHING TO 1.7.1. REQUIRES UPDATED CAB FOR THE TEMPLAR.

And, in a "what's coming next" sneak peek: next update should contain Mission Control and BiggerDrop, so you can finally play with 6 mechs at a time. Not quite set up the way I like it yet for this release.