2020/4/23 - Patch v5.2

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BTA v5.2 has been released to the installer. This is mostly a bug fixing update but comes with a few content changes. Among the bugs fixed include some Clan world crash fixes, a fix for tanks not actually fighting you, some rep-me mech errors, and mortar ground attacks locking the game. The content changes include some weapon changes (HVACs don't blow up, fire weapons do bonus damage to overheating targets), Griffins/Wolverines got a little hardpoint modification, Liao now sells stealth armor, and primitive engines don't die to 1 crit anymore. Finally, we also added a pair of light mechs to the game: the Hussar and the Anubis, both 30 tonners. The Hussar is stupid fast and badly armored but carries an ER Large Laser and is fielded by ComStar and the Dracs. The Anubis is a Capellan special and is a stealth LRM support mech. Both are neat looking, check 'em out (the Hussar also shows up in starter lists sometimes).

IMPORTANT: v5.2 is an "update" update. Run the installer again to let it just update your files and you're set to go. The installer auto-updates the CAB and injects Modtek for you.

IMPORTANT: v5.2 requires HBS BT patch 1.9.1. Update to that version before installing BTA v5.2.

Reminder: This update, and others like it, are made possible by my Patreon supporters. Without their support, updates would come slower and be less impactful. If you feel like being a part of the support for BTA, you can find me here: