2019/11/1 - Patch v3.4

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v3.4 has been released. Again, not a huge update as we wait and prepare for Heavy Metal. The big news is that this contains a lot of mechs. First, the Helepolis has been released, bringing more artillery to the battlefield (every Helepolis has artillery including the customs). Second, the BTA Custom Mechs module has a number of new interesting customs (a Clint, Firestarter, Blackjack, Icarus II, and some Helepolises). Finally, LAMs have had a melee nerf. There were also a variety of little typos and bug fixes.

IMPORTANT v3.4 is a copy and overwrite update. Just copy the files into Mods, click yes to overwrite, and you're done. REQUIRES NEW CAB FOR THE HELEPOLIS.