2019/8/4 - Patch v2.7

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v2.7 has been released. The fix list is lengthy, check Documentation on the Nexus page. A few big things include DFA being viable again (!), sensor/sight ranges have been increased so you can see more and make use of long range weapons now, critical effects on components are now working properly, ammo cookoffs are now actually possible as intended, and a new family of mechs (with models!) have arrived: the Ost family is here.

Additionally, to fix many mech errors, all three optional components have been updated.

v2.7 is a clear and reinstall update, you MUST clear and reinstall BTA. Back up your saves.

v2.7 hard requires the most recent CAB. If you don't have it, you WILL get a lot of crashes and you don't want crashes. Don't update to v2.7 until you have the most recent CAB.