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General Data
'Mech Type BattleMech
Weight 50T
Stock Role Early Clan Mech
Stock Specifications
Hardpoints Energy: 3
Missile: 4
Support: 4
Speed 7/11/0
Firepower Max Damage: 236
Max Stability: 50
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 800
Structure: 416
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 60
Alpha: 86
Melee Kick: 50
Punch: 25
Stock Equipment
Engine XL Engine (C)
Core 300
Heat Sinks Heat Sink Kit (DHS)
E-Cooling None
Gyro Standard Gyro
Structure Endo-Steel Structure (C) (Fixed)
Armor Standard Armor
Head Fox MultiTrac (Fixed)
Center Torso M Laser
Ammo Streak SRM
Left Torso CASE
Ammo LRM
Ammo LRM
Ammo MG [Half]
Right Torso CASE
Ammo LRM
Ammo LRM
Ammo MG [Half]
Left Arm LRM15 (C)
M Laser
Right Arm LRM15 (C)
M Laser
Left Leg Streak SRM2
Right Leg Streak SRM2


The Fox is an early example of a Clan medium BattleMech, originally created as Clan Sea Fox's first BattleMech. The Fox was designed using a mix of older Star League technology and some early Clan weaponry to cover a wide variety of tactical needs. Powered by a Clan-spec XL engine and built with Clan Endo-Steel, the Fox was versatile thanks to a heavily mixed loadout of Clan-spec LRM-15 launchers combined with rugged Inner Sphere Medium Lasers, Machine Guns, and oddly Streak SRM-2s in the legs.


Mech Quirk: Multitrac

Grants the multishot pilot ability to pilots that do not already have the ability

Pilot Affinity: Cool Running

Adds 6 bonus heat sinking


The best place to find the CS-1 is in the Diamond Shark store. While the CS-1 can be found as a unit fielded by the Diamond Sharks this is extremely rare. Diamond Sharks forces only appear in missions as a randomly selected third party in contracts that allow third parties to show up, you cannot take missions directly against them.

Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout