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IS Standard Battle Armor
IS Standard.png
General Data
'Mech Type Battle Armor
Weight 4t
Stock Specifications
Hardpoints Support: 5
Speed 4/4/4
Firepower Max Damage: 56
Max Stability: 17
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 192
Structure: 20
Melee Kick: 4
Weapon: 12
Punch: 2
Stock Equipment
Trooper 1 Battle Armor Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
Battle Claw (Fixed)
Trooper 2 Battle Armor Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
Battle Claw (Fixed)
Trooper 3 Battle Armor Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
Battle Claw (Fixed)
BA S Laser
Trooper 4 Battle Armor Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
Battle Claw (Fixed)
BA S Laser


The Inner Sphere Standard battle armor suit was developed following the initial thrust of the Clan invasion, as Inner Sphere powers rushed to duplicate the battle armor technology the Clans fielded. It took salvage from Clan elementals to kick-start the development of true battle armor. These suits, dubbed Inner Sphere Standard, became the base-line standard for IS battle armor production efforts. Armed with a grab-bag of light weapons and fielded in fours, IS battle armor is quite capable of dealing considerable damage to mechs if left unchecked.


Appears as an ambusher in 0.5-2 skull missions in urban biomes and can be bought in most system stores.

Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout