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Manteuffel Attack Tank (Prime)
Vehicle Manteuffel.png
Controllable Yes
Class Heavy
Weight 70t
Speed 5/8
Propulsion Tracked
Durability Total Armor: 1001
Total Structure: 220
Front Armor/Structure: 251/44
Left Armor/Structure: 200/44
Right Armor/Structure: 200/44
Rear Armor/Structure: 125/44
Turret Armor/Structure: 225/44
Weapons ER M Laser
ER M Laser
ER M Laser
Ammunition RAC/5
Gear Guardian ECM
C3 Slave


The Manteuffel (named after a long line of Lyran armor generals) is a fast, hard hitting tank. With a 350 XL engine and a top speed of 86 kph, as well as 11.5 tons of FF armor, the base chassis is a formidable addition to any force. Armed with a RAC/5, three ER M Lasers, and a Guardian ECM, the Manteuffel can destroy most other vehicles and mechs with a few well placed volleys. It also carries a C3 Slave for added unit co-ordination. This tank is assigned only to highest-profile units within the LAAF and AFFS because of its expense and technologies it uses, such as the Lyran Guards in the Alliance and Davion Brigade of Guards in the Suns.


The Manteuffel Attack Tank (Prime) appears in the forces of these factions: