Paladin (Vehicle)

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Paladin Prototype Defense System
Vehicle Paladin.png
Controllable Yes
Class Assault
Weight 130t
Speed 2/3
Propulsion Tracked
Firepower Max Damage: 235
Max Stability: 60
Max Heat: 20
Durability Total Armor: 690
Total Structure: 470
Front Armor/Structure: 180/94
Left Armor/Structure: 130/94
Right Armor/Structure: 130/94
Rear Armor/Structure: 95/94
Turret Armor/Structure: 155/94
Weapons Long Tom Artillery
Long Tom Artillery
Ammunition Ammo MG
Ammo LongTom
Ammo LongTom
Ammo LongTom
Ammo LongTom
Ammo LongTom
Ammo LongTom


Developed by House Davion in the 3060s, the Paladin Defense System is the Davion's final word in artillery support. Slow, fragile, and with arguably insufficient ammunition, the Paladin is nevertheless capable of incredible damage when supported properly as it brings twin Long Tom Artillery pieces to bear against the foes of House Davion.


The Paladin Prototype Defense System does not appear in the forces of any factions.


The Paladin Prototype Defense System appears in these stores: