Pilot Affinities

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Affinity bonuses are gained when a pilot has completed 5, 10, and 15 missions in the same 'mech. Affinity will begin to decay after three missions spent in a different 'mech so it is possible to juggle two or sometimes even three on the same pilot if you can keep track of things.

At 5 missions the pilot gains the "Comfortable" bonus, giving them a +1 to their Piloting stat.

At 10 missions the pilot gains the "Attuned" bonus, giving them a +1 to all skills (Gunnery/Piloting/Guts/Tactics).

At 15 you unlock the good stuff: Special effects that vary depending on the 'mech your pilot is attuned to.

The following is the list of the tier 3 affinities and their effects as found in BTA. Most of them mimic one of the quirks which 'mechs come with. Unlike quirks, which we can think of as innate bonuses, affinities can be seen as the realised potential of committing to a specific 'mech. The effectiveness of tier 3 affinities can also be dependent on the baseline capabilities of the 'mechs; some affinities significantly change the effectiveness of certain 'mechs, while others do very little and can even be a chore to get, as the mechs themselves are pretty bad. They have the ability to save a 'mech from being total rubbish, to complement their strengths, or to make them fantastic.

Pilot Affinity: Agile

Gains 1 bonus evasion from movement

Pilot Affinity: Brawler

Kicks, punches, and physical weapon attacks deal 15% more damage

Pilot Affinity: Command Unit

Gains +1 initiative

Pilot Affinity: Cool Running

Adds 6 bonus heat sinking, effectively two standard heat sinks

Pilot Affinity: Encouraging

+2 morale whenever morale is gained

Pilot Affinity: Evasive

+2 bonus against being hit

Pilot Affinity: Ice Cold

Adds 9 bonus heat sinking

Pilot Affinity: Keen Eyed

15% boost to sensor and sight range

Pilot Affinity: Nimble

15% more jumping distance

Pilot Affinity: Precise Shot

+1 bonus on weapon attacks

Pilot Affinity: Resistant

50% less chance to suffer critical hits

Pilot Affinity: Stabilized

Reduces stability taken by 50%

Pilot Affinity: Sturdy

Gains 2 extra pilot hits

Pilot Affinity: Unlimited Power

Energy, ballistic, and missile weapons do 10% more damage

Pilot Affinity: Zippy

15% boost to sprint speed!