UrbanMech LAM

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UrbanMech LAM.png
General Data
'Mech Type BattleMech
Weight 30T
Stock Role Who Even Knows?
Stock Specifications
Hardpoints Energy: 2
Missile: 2
Support: 4
Speed 3/5/6
Flight Speed 6/10/4 (AirMech Mode)
Firepower Max Damage: 132
Max Stability: 32
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 520
Structure: 256
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 40
Alpha: 54
Melee Kick: 30
Punch: 15
Stock Equipment
Engine Land Air Mech Engine (Fixed)
Core 90 (Fixed)
Heat Sinks Heat Sink Kit (SHS)
E-Cooling None
Structure Standard Structure (Fixed)
Armor Standard Armor
Head Avionics (Fixed)
Center Torso Jump Turbine (S) (Fixed)
Left Torso Avionics (Fixed)
ER S Laser
ER S Laser
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Jump Turbine (S) (Fixed)
Right Torso Avionics (Fixed)
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Jump Turbine (S) (Fixed)
Ammo Streak SRM
Left Arm ER S Laser
ER S Laser
Right Arm Streak SRM4
Streak SRM4


Built by a fevered madman, the Urbie LAM is a ridiculous mech. It's a LAM. But an UrbanMech. What else is there to say?


Mech Quirk: LAM

+20% jump distance, +1 evasion pips gained from movement

Mech Quirk: Avionics

Enables AirMech mode. While in AirMech mode: take 10% more damage, stability threshold -40, 100% faster walk speed, +0.2 sprint, ignore terrain and landmines for movement, 360 degree firing arc

Pilot Affinity: Evasive

+2 bonus against being hit


Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout