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Formula To-hit

Math goes here


A core question is how best to represent this data: as easily-understood +1/-1 or more accurate percentages? The percentages aren't necessarily useful without a breakdown of the math above which is, admittedly, difficult to source. On the other hand, some data on the discord is only presented in percentages.
Perhaps sanest is providing how much a +1/-1 is worth in percent chance and then framing everything as such.


Property Effect in % (or +1/-1? Which is easier?)
Evasion 5% per pip
Elevation ?% per ? unit
Size Delta +1 per 15 ton difference
Gyro Defense +1
Gyro Melee+ +1
Guardian ECM +1
Angel ECM +2
Experimental Ewar Suite +2
Null Signature System +3


Property Effect in % (or +1/-1? Which is easier?)
Walk -1
Light PPC debuff -1
Support PPC debuff -1
Super Laser -1
Recoil -???
Sprint -2
PPC debuff -2
Heavy Lasers -3
Heavy PPC debuff -3
Static PPC debuff -4
Elevation ?% per ? unit
Tag grants +1 on hit
Generic Lasers (various) +1 to hit.
Bombast Laser +1 to hit.
Improved Large Laser +1 to hit
ER Lasers (various, not Clan) +1 hit
Streak Lasers (various) +1 hit
Haywire Lasers (various) +1 hit
Static Lasers (various) +1 hit
Improved Binary Laser +2 to hit
Binary Laser +2 to hit
Pulse Lasers (various, not Clan) +2 hit
Rotary Lasers (not Clan) +2 hit
DNI Cockpit +1 to hit (melee)
Gauss Weapons +1 to hit
SB Gauss Ammo +1 to hit
LMG +1
Gyro Melee +1 to hit (melee)
C3 +1
TTS (various flavours) +1/+2
C3m AOE +1 to hit, grants +2 on hit (counts as Tag, does not stack)
Command Console +2 to hit (Indirect Artillery only)
NARC (various) +????
Streak launchers (various) +1 to hit (+4 Direct fire)
LRM Artemis IV +1 to hit (+4 Direct fire)

Alliance Enemy Table

Federated Suns Taurian Concordat Circinus Federation New Delphi Compact Outworlds Alliance Aurigan Coalition Capellan Confederation Magistracy of Canopus Clan Ghost Bear Haneatic League Free Rasalhague Republic Draconis Combine Comstar Clan Jade Falcon St. Ives Compact Tortuga Dominions Free Worlds League Pirates Clan Nova Cat Jarnfolk Word of Blake Lyran Commonwealth Chainelane Isles Clan Wolf Marian Hegemony Rim Collection
Federated Suns E E E E E E E
Taurian Concordat E X E E E E E
Circinus Federation X E E E E E
New Delphi Compact X E
Outworlds Alliance E X E E E E
Aurigan Coalition E E X E E
Capellan Confederation E E E X E E E E
Magistracy of Canopus E E X E E E
Clan Ghost Bear E E E X E E E E
Haneatic League X E E E E E
Free Rasalhague Republic E X E E E E E E
Draconis Combine E E E X E E E E
Comstar E E E X E E E E
Clan Jade Falcon E E E E E X E
St. Ives Compact E E E X E E
Tortuga Dominions E E E E E E X
Free Worlds League E E E E X E E E
Pirates X
Clan Nova Cat E E E E X E E E
Jarnfolk E E E X
Word of Blake E E E E E E X
Lyran Commonwealth E E E E E X
Chainelane Isles E E E E E X E
Clan Wolf E E E E E E X
Marian Hegemony E E E E E X
Rim Collection E E E E E X