Advanced Command Module

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The Cyclops HQ comes equipped with a unique, sophisticated and powerful Advanced Command Module. This integrated system provides improved targeting, improved sensors and sight ranges, boosted initiative, and even boosted in-combat resolve. It does all this for the entire lance.

Manufacturer: Stormvanger
Tonnage: 14
Critical Slots: 12
Install Location: Right Torso
Value: 0
Gear ID: Gear_General_Advanced_Command_Module

Equipped Effects:

  • +20% increased sensor range
  • +20% increased sight range
  • +2 lance accuracy with indirect fire
  • +1 initiative for all lance members
  • +2 increased resolve per action
  • +1 accuracy for all lance members

Critical Effects:

  • DESTROYED: Sensors destroyed. Only visual target acquisition possible


  • The initiative bonus from this equipment stacks with the Cyclops Battle Computer
  • Takes up the entire right torso of the 'mech

Found On These 'Mechs: