Backing Out

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The following is a brief summary and an explanation of what requirements you need to meet in order to get the event to fire. This event's requirements are spoiler tagged as they involve a decision being made in another event in order for this one to occur. Further details are provided but they contain spoilers. Don't read them unless you really want to know exactly what happens in the event.


Floppy tenders her resignation.

Event Trigger Requirements:

  • Floppy is a member of the crew
  • Floppy does not have High Spirits
  • Dealt with Wulfbanes one way or the other in the event "Scarcity Cat"

Event Details:


A resignation letter awaits you on your desk: "Commander,

This letter is intended to serve as my official resignation as MechWarrior for <Company Name>. I regret to inform you I am no longer fit for active duty. The recent changes have marred me to the point I can no longer be considered appropriate material for active combat.

My sincerest hope based on my spotless career is to receive the opportunity to move on from service immediately.

Sincerely yours, Florence "Floppy" Clarke"

You sigh, then take a deep breath. What to do with her?


Option A - "Be understanding. She could go work in the kitchens again.":

You shake your head at her, remembering the scandal that got her transferred to the ass-end of nowhere. No telling what she's really here for, and you don't want to welcome aboard someone your newest employer may have problems with. Aether slumps, dejected, and wanders away. Clearly she cared more about it than just another job.


  • Floppy leaves the company

Option B - "Contractually her term isn't up. Request declined.":

Floppy wilts at your response. Tears fill her eyes and a gloom sets around her. She nods and then just wanders off.

Several days later her body shows up in the med bay. Warning signs were there, but no one knew how to deal with them.

You figure those weren't the right words after all.


  • Floppy dies (Listed cause of death: "Cardiac arrest from Takotsubo syndrome")
  • Commander gains Low Spirits for 14 days
  • Morale decreased by 2

Option C - (Requirement: Commander has skill Tactics 6 or higher) "This requires tact, and time.":

You do feel for Floppy. She isn't the first to go through loss, and probably won't be the last.

You've been considering setting up a weekly support group for a while now. At least something might come from this tragedy.

You can take her out of the rotation the coming weeks, and see how things go from there. The crew silently appreciates the tact.


  • Morale increased by 1
  • Floppy gains Low Spirits for 90 days
  • Floppy unavailable for 14 days