Champion LAM

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General Data
'Mech Type BattleMech
Weight 60T
Stock Role Experimental LAM
Stock Specifications
Speed 5/8/5
Firepower Max Damage: 108
Max Stability: 24
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 720
Structure: 496
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 44
Alpha: 42
Melee Kick: 60
Punch: 30
Stock Equipment
Engine Land Air Mech Engine (Fixed)
Core 300 (Fixed)
Heat Sinks Heat Sink Kit (SHS)
E-Cooling +1
Structure Standard Structure (Fixed)
Armor Standard Armor
Head Avionics (Fixed)
Center Torso Jump Turbine (H) (Fixed)
Left Torso Artemis IV FCS
Avionics (Fixed)
Landing Gear (Fixed)
M Laser
M Laser
Right Torso Avionics (Fixed)
Landing Gear (Fixed)
M Laser
Left Leg Jump Turbine (H) (Fixed)
Jump Turbine (H) (Fixed)
Right Leg Jump Turbine (H) (Fixed)
Jump Turbine (H) (Fixed)


The Star League developed many boondoggles in its day, but perhaps none is as infamous as the Champion LAM. Intended to produce a LAM that outperformed and outweighed all other existing LAM designs, the Champion LAM was a catastrophic failure at the time and was eventually mothballed on New Dallas. However, New Dallas would be lost to the Succession Wars and forgotten about until the 3060s, when an enterprising mercenary commander would discover a bunker containing several Champion LAMs and would sell them off for quick cash.


Mech Quirk: Easy To Maintain

Fast Refits. Mech variants can be assembled with only 1 part as long as you have sufficient parts from other variants to complete it.

Pilot Affinity: Zippy

15% boost to sprint speed!


  • Gray Death Legion
  • Mercenaries
    • Mercenaries
    • Lone Star Regiment
    • Dismal Disinherited
    • Solaris VII Mercenary League
    • Northwind Highlanders
    • Knights Of St. Cameron
    • Snord's Irregulars
    • Blue Star Irregulars
    • Eridani Light Horse

Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout