Commando - Pilot

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General Data
Callsign Commando
Name Jeff Hoffman
Age 35
Gender Male
Faction None
Health 3
Gunnery 8
Piloting 1
Guts 2
Tactics 1
Precision Master.png
Precision Master
LosTech ExperienceVehicle Crew


Jeff Hoffman was raised as a member of a Sibko on the Clan Coyote Homeworld of Kirin. Upon gaining the rank of MechWarrior in a Trial of Position, he was assigned to the 202nd attack cluster of the Rho Galaxy. He worked up to the rank of Point Commander, and piloted a Royal BattleMaster, since the Clan was short of OmniMechs.

During a raid against the hated Clan Jade Falcon on Orkney he fought with valor, but his 'Mech was shot in the back by a dezgra Jade Falcon in a Hetzer Wheeled Assault Gun, causing a massive ammo explosion and knocking him unconscious. Believed to be dead, he was left on the planet after the raid. For three years he continued to fight Clan Jade Falcon, and killed twenty-two Jade Falcon warriors with sniper attacks, making him an excellent marksman.

During a Clan Nova Cat raid on the same world, he aided the raiders and was given safe passage to Nova Cat space. Considered dead by his Clan and hardened by his experience, Commando has turned to the life of a mercenary warrior.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.