Deadeye - Pilot

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Pilot Deadeye.png
General Data
Callsign Deadeye
Name Chris Winzar
Age 31
Gender Male
Faction Lyran Commonwealth
Health 3
Gunnery 4
Piloting 3
Guts 3
Tactics 1
Solaris GladiatorBookish


Chris Winzar's mother cleaned the houses of the rich on Chara III while Chris played in the back streets nearby. Richer children went to private schools, while he struggled to keep his place in a rundown two-room public schoolhouse. And eventually, they went off to lucrative jobs, while he stayed at home to take care of an increasingly ill mother, reading her books. After she died in their leaking apartment, he enlisted the next day. It was the only way off Chara III for him, and the only way he could make sure his future children would have a better childhood than he did.

After basic training, he served a five year tour at Hesperus II, where almost anybody could get cockpit experience in a BattleMech. After his tour was over, he left the LCAF and headed to Solaris VII, hoping, as so many hoped, to do well enough that he could build up a nest egg for a brighter future.

He landed on his feet on Solaris with Lion City Stables. They treated him well, but while his skills were adequate to keep him alive, he didn't have the personality to shine. After several years, his manager advised him to give up on Solaris while he still could. He was advised to head out to the Periphery where he would do well as a mercenary. His manager even provided him with a list of companies to try to join, and a letter of recommendation that spoke highly of his even temperament and marksman skills.",




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.