Glam - Pilot

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Pilot Glam.png
General Data
Callsign Glam
Name Avelynn Dupré
Age 27
Gender Female
Faction Federated Suns
Health 3
Gunnery 2
Piloting 8
Guts 2
Tactics 2
Phantom Skill.png
Invisible Target.png
Invisible Target


Avelynn Dupré was born knowing she wanted to be a star. From the time she could walk she danced, and from the time she could talk she sang. All through school she was that kid who stayed after class to hound the music or drama teachers to give her extra lessons, or watch her perform a piece. As her family was not of very high standing within the Federated Suns, someone like her had to grab for every opportunity possible. With each begged-for lesson or guilt-tripped critique, her talents grew, and so did her knowledge that all it would take was being discovered, and she'd become the new media darling of Davion space; maybe even beyond.

In her later teen years Avelynn saw something that would change her life, and her plans; she bore witness to the agility and grace possible in a BattleMech while watching a vid of the Noisiel Summer Games. From this came her obsession with BattleMechs, and combining them with music and dance to create something she thought would take the Inner Sphere by storm; to see a choreographed show of nimble 'Mechs set to music of her own production. It couldn't lose. Her devotion to the idea drove her though school, and into the ranks of the nearby Regional Training Battalion, where she hoped to gain the skills needed to bring her to center stage, and make her a star. And it might have happened had she not been caught utilizing Davion property practicing her routine, never mind being the ringleader of a small group of cadets she'd schmoozed into working with her, promising them a share of the spotlight. It was too much for her commanding officers, and so she was summarily discharged. With few prospects, and no safety net, she hitched rides on whatever dropships and jumpships she could until her journey unceremoniously plopped her in the Periphery, and opened her eyes to the potential for a second chance. All she had to to was find some bleeding heart who'd support her vision; for a cut of the profits and a share of the limelight, of course. But only a share. Center stage belongs to Glam, after all.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.