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Pilot LordDakky.png
General Data
Callsign LordDakky
Name Dakotah Brumagin
Age 21
Gender Male
Faction Periphery
Health 4
Gunnery 3
Piloting 4
Guts 6
Tactics 3
Shielded Stance.png
Shielded Stance


Dakotah, was the son of a noble-baron of a small city in the Fronc System. While life was hard on the frontier, the support given to the colonists by both the Magistracy and Taurians gave them hope of a prosperous future. Dakky's father was a retired Taurian MechCommander who had been gifted the posting to Fronc, with the understanding that he was to form the nucleus of that province's militia. Lord Brumagin sadly passed under mysterious circumstances and the young master Dakotah was suddenly thrust into the hereditary position of Lord.

Surprising everyone (aside from himself) Dakotah took to the role adeptly and made great strides towards stabilizing the province, leading by example. This Lordling was not afraid to get his hands dirty, willing to work the fields, taking his turns on patrol and not shirking any responsibilities passed his way. But his greatest love was working on the family 'Mech, and he spent many hours working with the MechTechs learning their trade.

It was near his coming to age that he met the woman that would become his wife, but their wedding was both the best and worst day of their lives. On the day of the ceremony, a pirate band struck, killing most of Dakotah's family, sacking the city and stealing his family 'Mech. With the city in ruins, many of the survivors moved to other provinces or returned to their homeworlds. But the young Lord had a thirst for vengeance. Setting off on the first JumpShip offworld with his new wife, he took to the life of a mercenary to build up his coffers so he can one day hunt down and wipe out the pirates that attacked his home.

Now, though, he is out of c-bills and is looking for work.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.