Mack's Dustball

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A distant and mostly uninhabited planet, Mack's Dustball was named for its discoverer and the comment he made on discovering the planet. The Dustball has developed a decent grey market for rare and unusual technologies.

Special Inventory

Mack's Dustball is a unique trading outpost that provides a store from which players can purchase otherwise hard to find Community Content weapons and gear.

Full Mechs Vehicles Battle Armor Equipment Weapons Ammunition Contracts
Icarus II ICR-2R
Shadow Hawk SHD-7D
Karnov Heavy Thumper
Yellow Jacket Gunship
None Gyro Equilibrium
Gauss Capacitor
Ultra LBX AC/2 (C)
Ultra LBX AC/5 (C)
Ultra LBX AC/20 (C)
Binary PPC
Insanity PPC
Support PPC Array
Snubgun PPC
ER Rotary PPC (C)
Snub-Nose Gauss Rifle
Ultra Snub-Nose Gauss Rifle
Stormbreaker Mk-9
Lava Gun
Rapid LRM
Improved Rapid LRM
Magnetic Harpoon
Shock Cannon
Rapid MRM
Improved Rapid MRM
Binary Heavy Laser
Rotary L Pulse (C)
Rotary M Pulse (C)
Rotary S Pulse (C)
Silver Bullet Hyper-Assault Gauss 10 (C)
Super MML
MRM10 (C)
MRM20 (C)
MRM30 (C)
MRM40 (C)
Ammo LRM FASCAM Inferno Augmented
Ammo Mortar Glue
Ammo Mortar Shock
Ammo Silver Bullet Gauss
Ammo PAC/2
Ammo PAC/4
Ammo PAC/8
Permanent Contract for Hardened LB-10X Turret Airdrop
Permanent Contract for Hardened Light Gauss Turret Airdrop
Permanent Contract for AMS Turret Airdrop
Permanent Contract for Stormbreaker Turret Airdrop
Permanent Contract for Scattershot Railgun Turret Airdrop
Permanent Contract for Mechbuster 'Mary' Aerospace Fighter

How To Find It

Mack's Dustball can be found in the extreme west of the map, beyond the Rim Collection system of Hunter's Paradise. You can also press CTRL+F and type Mack's Dustball into the search field to highlight it on the Navigation map.

Stock Loadout