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Magi (UCSV)
Vehicle Winston.png
Controllable Yes
Class Heavy
Weight 70t
Speed 5/8
Propulsion Tracked
Firepower Max Damage: Magi.png
Max Stability: Magi.png
Max Heat: Magi.png
Durability Total Armor: 1050
Total Structure: 175
Front Armor/Structure: 220/35
Left Armor/Structure: 215/35
Right Armor/Structure: 215/35
Rear Armor/Structure: 200/35
Turret Armor/Structure: 200/35
Weapons MG Array
MG Array
M Laser
M Laser
M Laser
Ammunition Ammo MG HEAP
Gear C3i
Battle Armor Bay
Battle Armor Firing Ports


This is a field modification of the original Magi vehicle which was in service for the Word of Blake. The vehicle's engine is swapped out for a light version and, while its laser weaponry remains the same, its front-mounted machine guns have increased to four and have been bundled into a machine gun array. The ammunition was also increased to three tons. The most significant modification includes the installation of a six-ton infantry bay in the rear of the vehicle. The Magi's targeting and spotting abilities were enhanced, and to allow overall targeting for Level II formations, a C3i computer was installed.


  • Word of Blake
    • Word of Blake
    • 40th Shadow Division
    • 9th Division III-Gamma
    • WoB Protectorate Militia