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Welcome to the official Battletech Advanced 3062 (BTA) Wiki! BTA is a full overhaul mod pack for the 2018 Harebrained Schemes strategy game BattleTech. The mod advances the timeline and technology level of Battletech to the year 3062, the beginning of the Federated Commonwealth Civil War. It aims to enhance tactics with new systems, to modify the strategic game experience, and to vastly expand and explore the mechs and equipment that players can encounter and use within the game.

All of these changes were made with the dream of creating an experience halfway between lighter overhaul mods like BattleTech Extended 3025 and more intense overhaul mods like RogueTech. BTA3062 is an overhaul that strives to be familiar enough for players of the vanilla game to quickly and easily adapt while simultaneously enabling an entirely new level of depth.

For a list of all existing info on the game please check the Resource Index.