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General Data
'Mech Type BattleMech
Weight 55T
Stock Role Battlefield Specter
Stock Specifications
Speed 5/8/7
Flight Speed 10/17/7
Firepower Max Damage: 114
Max Stability: 5
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 805
Structure: 416
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 60
Alpha: 64
Melee Kick: 55
Punch: 28
Stock Equipment
Engine Land Air Mech Engine (Fixed)
Core 275 (Fixed)
Heat Sinks Heat Sink Kit (DHS)
E-Cooling None
Gyro Standard Gyro
Structure Endo-Steel Structure (Fixed)
Armor Light Ferro-Fibrous Armor
Head Avionics (Fixed)
Center Torso Chameleon Light Polarization Shield (Fixed)
Null Signature System (Fixed)
Left Torso Avionics (Fixed)
CLPS Components (Fixed)
Jump Turbine (S) (Fixed)
Jump Turbine (S) (Fixed)
Landing Gear (Fixed)
M Pulse
NSS Components (Fixed)
Right Torso Avionics (Fixed)
CLPS Components (Fixed)
Jump Turbine (S) (Fixed)
Jump Turbine (S) (Fixed)
Landing Gear (Fixed)
M Pulse
NSS Components (Fixed)
Left Arm CLPS Components (Fixed)
NSS Components (Fixed)
Right Arm CLPS Components (Fixed)
ER PPC Shotgun
NSS Components (Fixed)
Left Leg CLPS Components (Fixed)
NSS Components (Fixed)
Right Leg CLPS Components (Fixed)
NSS Components (Fixed)


This LAM is a mystery. Designated the Nagual according to captured documents, it has no production history or source of any kind that can be determined. All that is known is that it is fielded by the Word of Blake in their elite units. The internal systems are advanced and the Word has somehow learned to mate Endo-Steel construction with LAM Avionics, creating possibly the most effective LAM ever produced. The weaponry is fairly mundane, comparatively: an ER PPC Shotgun and twin Medium Pulse Lasers. Importantly, it has both Chameleon LPS and Null Signature Systems, making it incredibly hard to track.


Mech Quirk: LAM

+20% jump distance, +1 evasion pips gained from movement

Mech Quirk: Avionics

Enables AirMech mode. While in AirMech mode: take 10% more damage, stability threshold -40, 100% faster walk speed, +0.2 sprint, ignore terrain and landmines for movement, 360 degree firing arc

Pilot Affinity: Agile

Gains 1 bonus evasion from movement



Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout