Pharaoh - Pilot

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Pilot Pharaoh.png
General Data
Callsign Pharaoh
Name Bryan Farrow
Age 40
Gender Male
Faction Free Worlds League
Health 5
Gunnery 1
Piloting 2
Guts 8
Tactics 1
Juggernaut Skill.png
LosTech ExperienceMechWarrior


Born on Irian in the Free Worlds League to a blue-collar family, Bryan spent his formative years as most children in the Inner Sphere do, playing with toy ‘Mechs all day and reading about the towering behemoths well into the night. Living in an area where every aspect of life revolved around the production and manufacture of ‘Mechs, he became an avid fan of Solaris racing and dueling. At the age of 14 he got a job as a cook in one of the commissaries peppered throughout the sprawling Irian Technologies BattleMech factory complex in the Kiran River valley. Working on the grounds of a ‘Mech factory, seeing techs test new ‘Mechs, and hearing them discuss cutting edge technology during lunch, his resolve to become a MechWarrior grew with every tedious shift.

Both a voracious reader and a fan of the Solaris Class Five Circuit, he read every tech manual, publication, and journal he could find on MASC, TSM, superchargers, ’Mech melee weapons and actuators. After seeing a hard-fought match between a Berserker variant customized for high-speed performance and a Goliath that ended when the Berserker recklessly engaged its MASC and supercharger at the same time and tore the Goliath in two with a charge reaching over 100 kph, he developed a fascination with coaxing speeds from assault ‘Mechs normally considered possible only in light 'Mechs.

Once he saved enough to book passage on a jump ship and pay the admissions fees, he traveled to Maxwell and spent two years enrolled at the Hero Training Institute. He continued to fixate on getting as much speed as possible from large chassis, always finding ways to get that extra few kph from a machine. Unfortunately, the curriculum proved to be less extensive than a House military academy. As a result, Bryan’s accuracy, piloting, and tactical acumen could all use more than a little refinement. However, his years of research into ‘Mech mobility have allowed him to excel in taking cover and dealing damage with melee weapons. Now that he’s graduated, he’s hiring out to any merc outfit that can pay his asking rates. A new Berserker won’t pay for itself.


Passive Bonus: None

Mech Affinity: Berserker - "Bring Your Pretty Face To My Axe"

(Enabled after ten missions in the mech)

Pharoah gains a +0.2 sprint modifier in his Berserker.


Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.