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Tips and Hints

Beginner's Guide - a written guide with good info for new players and specific tips on how to overcome the difficulty curve

Introduction To BTA - video series introduction to the new features of BTA 3062 and some general game tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Tech Support

Installation Guides

Performance Tips

Patch Notes

General Resources

Full List of Mechs

Full List of Vehicles

Battle Armor

Battle Armor Weapons








Skills and Abilities

Faction Starter Lists

Faction Stores

Mech Quirks

Pilot Affinities

Flashpoints - WIP

OpFor Specializations

Mission Specializations

Melee Weapons

Factory Worlds - WIP

Game Mechanics - WIP


Airdrop Beacons

BTA Events - BTA custom events you won't find in the original game

Game Worlds

Other Stuff

Customizing BTA

Community Content

Heavy Metal Crate

Spare Parts Crate

Ancestral Mech - ever wondered what the Ancestral 'Mech background option gives you? Wonder no more

This Man's Tank - a list of the tanks you get with the This Man's Tank background option

User:Revostae - Rev posts random tips and things on his profile

Words From bloodydoves

Mech Spotlights

Developer Blog


All categories - A list of all categories

Vehicle Crew - A list of ronin that can pilot vehicles

Battle Armor - A list of Battle Armor related topics

Events - A list of BTA events

Melee Mechs - A list of 'Mechs with melee weapons

Royal Mechs - A list of 'Mechs with the Royal quirk

Hero Mechs - A list of 'Mechs with the Hero quirk

LAMs - A list of LAMs

Primitive Mechs - A list of 'Mechs with the Primitive quirk

BTA Custom Mechs - A list of 'Mechs unique to HBS BT/BTA. You won't find these on Sarna


List of Contributors