Spare Parts Crate

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The Spare Parts Crate is given to new commanders on the first day of the career. It contains a variety of basic equipment that enable you to make some rudimentary day 1 refits as well as provide a little bit of insurance against early parts loss.


  • 2x AC/2
  • 2x Medum Laser
  • 2x Small Laser
  • 2x LRM5
  • 2x MG
  • 2x SRM2
  • AC/5
  • Large Laser
  • LRM10
  • SRM4


  • 2x Ammo LRM
  • 2x Ammo SRM
  • Ammo AC/2
  • Ammo AC/5
  • Ammo MG


  • 6x Heat Sink
  • 4x Jump Jet (S)
  • 4x Hand Actuator
  • 4x Lower Arm Actuator

BA Gear

  • 4x BA SRM2
  • 4x BA Small Laser
  • 4x BA MG
  • 4x BA SRM4
  • 4x BA Support PPC


One randomly selected Airdrop Beacon from the following list.