Strafing Run Comm Suite

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This specialized communication equipment grants the carrying mech's pilot the ability to coordinate with the Argo and call in an aerospace fighter strafing run on a given flight path. The basic ASF called in is the Shilone, which has a battery of lasers and SRMs. Other ASF units can be called in if you find and purchase the appropriate contracts.

Manufacturer: Achernar
Tonnage: 2
Critical Slots: 2
Install Location: Any
Value: 570,000

Resolve Cost: 15

C-Bill Cost: 35,000

Number of Uses Per Mission: 2

Airdrop Range: 250m

Found In: Spare Parts Crate and system stores in systems with the Inner Sphere-Level Civilization or Manufacturing tags

Tips and Tricks:

  • Strafes do not shoot at *everything* in the area, just a few units picked semi-randomly by the strafing unit, usually whatever is closest to where the strafing unit spawned, so angle your strafing path carefully to get maximum effect.
  • The strafing unit is a real combat unit with a pilot and can actually miss. It is not guaranteed to hit, though we've done what we can to make it likely to hit. To account for this, strafes can be called more frequently and more times overall than Airdrop Beacons and don't cost as much in c-bills or resolve, meaning you can feel pretty free to spam them out if you like. The comm suite itself is small and fairly light so you should have no issues mounting it to something fast and light.
  • If you deploy a strafe on the last initiative phase of the turn, the strafing unit will appear and strafe after everything is done moving for the turn.