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Rhino Fire Support Tank
Vehicle Rhino.png
Controllable Yes
Class Assault
Weight 80t
Speed 3/5
Propulsion Tracked
Firepower Max Damage: Rhino.png
Max Stability: Rhino.png
Max Heat: Rhino.png
Durability Total Armor: 1360
Total Structure: 200
Front Armor/Structure: 320/40
Left Armor/Structure: 270/40
Right Armor/Structure: 270/40
Rear Armor/Structure: 200/40
Turret Armor/Structure: 300/40
Weapons Thunderbolt 20
Thunderbolt 20
ER M Laser
ER M Laser
Ammunition Ammo T-Bolt20
Ammo T-Bolt20
Ammo T-Bolt20
Ammo T-Bolt20
Ammo T-Bolt20
Gear C3 Slave
Thunderbolt FCS
Thunderbolt FCS


Designed in 2667, the Rhino was intended as a far more heavily armored version of the ubiquitous LRM Carrier. The Rhino is covered in seventeen tons of Pantherskin VII armor, a whopping fifteen more than a Quik-based carrier can boast. This Rhino pattern favoured by mercenary units, carrying a C3 slave, and is armed with two Thunderbolt 20 launchers. Two ER Medium lasers make up its close ranged defense.



  • Mercenaries
    • Mercenaries
    • Wolf's Dragoons
    • Kell Hounds
    • Blue Star Irregulars
    • Knights Of St. Cameron
    • Snord's Irregulars
    • Northwind Highlanders
    • Lone Star Regiment
    • Dismal Disinherited
    • Solaris VII Mercenary League
    • Eridani Light Horse
    • Broadsword Legion
    • Burr's Black Cobras
    • 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers
    • Fist Of Mokal
    • Hsien Hotheads
    • Simonson's Cutthroats
    • Always Faithful
    • Langendorf Lancers
    • Lethal Injection
    • Olson's Rangers
    • The Arcadians
    • 12th Vegan Rangers
    • Dioscuri
    • Harlock's Warriors
    • Screaming Eagles
    • Smithson's Chinese Bandits
    • Vanguard Legion
    • Avanti's Angels
    • Mobile Fire
    • Camacho's Caballeros
    • Greenburg's Godzillas
    • Narhal's Raiders
    • Barrett's Fusiliers
    • The Blackhearts
    • The Krushers
    • Romanov's Crusaders
    • The Black Outlaws
    • 21st Centauri Lancers
    • Rubinsky's Light Horse
    • Khorsakov's Cossacks
    • Winfield's Regiment
    • Jacob's Juggernauts
    • Lindon's Battalion
    • Grim Determination
    • Tooth of Ymir
    • Knights of Caerbannog
    • Thermo Police