Stealth Field

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Pleased with the success of their Stealth Armor, House Liao found themselves in possession of unique technology and decided to press their advantage. Based on that armor, the Stealth Field takes the technology to the next level. Essentially a super-powered ECM suite, the Stealth Field does not render units invisible to anything. Intead, it blankets nearby units with a 'cloaking' effect that reduces their presense on sensors dramatically. This gives the ability to sneak up on target in small groups instead of singly like with Stealth Armor. The downside of the technology is that it also causes heat gain in all affected units.

Manufacturer: Shimmering Sensors
Tonnage: 4
Critical Slots: 2
Install Location: Sensors A + B
Value: 3,000,000
Gear ID: Gear_Sensors_StealthField

Equipped Effects:

  • The Stealth Field has a radius of 150 meters around the carrying unit
  • +30% harder to spot on sensors or by direct line of sight
  • +20% heat generated from weapons fire
  • +1 maximum evasion pips
  • +1 evasive pips gained from movement

Critical Effects:

  • DESTROYED: Equipped effects disabled


Found On These 'Mechs: Not found on any 'Mechs