The Need For Speed

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The following is a brief summary and an explanation of what requirements you need to meet in order to get the event to fire. Further details are provided but they contain spoilers. Don't read them unless you really want to know exactly what happens in the event.


Event #1 in the The Need For Speed event chain.

Blaze has an interesting investment opportunity for you.

Event Trigger Requirements:

  • Company has at least 2,000,000 C-Bills
  • Blaze is a member of the crew

Event Details:


Blaze asks to see you after mess one evening.

"Commander, I've got a proposal for you. We travel all over the Inner Sphere but spend half the time sitting in orbit doing nothing, you know?

"Yeah, and?"

Well, before I enlisted in the MAF I was a hell of an off-road endurance racer. I want to race again, but I need startup funding and someone to call strategy for me. That's where you come in. You call races for me, and we split the cost and the winnings 50-50. I even tracked down two vehicles that should work, and they both cost about the same. First is a classic for a reason, the Apocalypse World Rover, built by GM. The second is a newer design by Earthwerks, the Ibex RV. Win more than we lose, and ISORES will recognize us as champions! Waddya say?"


Option A - "Apocalypse World Rover":

"Yeah, why not? I'm a sucker for the classics, Blaze. Let's get the Apocalypse World Rover."

"Awesome! The Apocalypse isn't the fastest or nimblest off-roader, but you can't beat it for plain durability or fuel capacity, even if they do tend to run a little hotter than I'd like. You won't regret this, Commander <Last Name>. With you running strategy and me driving, I think we can makes some real money. Plus, I bet a lot of the crew will get a kick out of watching!"


  • Company C-Bills reduced by 100,000
  • Apocalypse World Rover chosen for racing
  • Blaze gains High Spirits for 30 days

Note: Choosing this option unlocks the Apocalypse World Rover race events.

Option B - "Ibex RV":

"Sure Blaze, let's give it a shot. I like the look of that Ibex RV."

"Yes! The Ibex was made for this kind of thing. It's faster than the Apocalypse, and nimble as a cat. It was designed for the desert so it might run a little cool in arctic environments, but you can get around that with some "spirited" driving. The real downsides are the smaller fuel tank and the lighter armor plating. I think we've got a real chance at making some good money with this, and I bet the crew will love watching too! With me driving and you on stratcom, we'll be unbeatable.


  • Company C-Bills reduced by 100,000
  • Ibex RV chosen for racing
  • Blaze gains High Spirits for 30 days

Note: Choosing this option unlocks the Ibex RV race events.

Option C - "We don't race. We fight.":

"Sorry, Blaze. What happens if you're injured racing and we can't complete a contract? That hurts our MRBC rating. We're a mercenary command, not a racing team."

Blaze snaps to military attention and salutes. "Understood sir, sorry sir."


  • Blaze gains Low Spirits for 0 days