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Pilot Ulysses.png
General Data
Callsign Ulysses
Name Sven Toraldsen
Age 42
Gender Male
Faction Capellan Confederation
Health 3
Gunnery 6
Piloting 3
Guts 3
Tactics 3


Despite being a war orphan, Sven Toraldsen grew up pretty much the same as any other kid in the Capellan Confederation, courtesy of the foster parents the government assigned to him. He battled with toy 'Mechs, watched heroic holovids and dreamt of adventure. When he was old enough, his parents sent him off to enlist.

Boot camp was quite the knock to his daydreams, but he was determined to stick it out. His drill sergeant, watching his early efforts, said disparagingly, "You're no Ajax," and for a long time the nickname clung to him. But while many of Sven's contemporaries found glory, or death, or other careers, he stubbornly continued to 'stick it out'. There was a pension waiting for him eventually and he was too set in his ways to learn a new trade. Eventually, when he was older than almost everybody in his battalion, he picked up a new callsign: Ulysses.

At the end of twenty years, he mustered out with the pension he'd been waiting for, with a nice (if not very significant) medal in a box and a timepiece everybody'd chipped in to give him. He was now free to live a life of leisure, enjoying his later middle years... and it turned out to be exactly as boring as he was afraid it would be.

So he headed out to the Periphery to find work in a mercenary company, letting his pension pile up in his bank account, waiting for another go at retirement. Maybe in another twenty years.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.