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Outreach was first settled during the twenty-second century by Terran colonists attracted to the planet's warm climate. Tourism became the mainstay of the planet's economy after it played host to the Star League Martial Olympiads in 2704. It became home to the Wolf's Dragoons in the early 3000s and by 3060 was an independent world that served as the Dragoon's homeworld and logistical center. Outreach also became home to one of the largest mercenary hiring halls in the Inner Sphere, with dozens or even hundreds of commands on-planet at any given time.

Special Inventory

Outreach has a unique store list and features some 'Mechs that you won't find in other stores. The store randomly selects three Inner Sphere 'Mechs and one Clan 'Mech when you arrive in system.


Inner Sphere Mechs:

Falcon FLC-4P

Firefly FFL-4B

Hoplite HOP-4B

Imp IMP-3E

Marauder II MAD-5A

Annihilator ANH-2A*

Flea FLE-16*

Clan Mechs:

Fire Moth FM-C

Mist Lynx MLX-P

Kit Fox KFX-W


Viper VPR-D

Ice Ferret IFR-B


Stormcrow SCR-PRIME


Hellbringer HBR-F

Summoner SMN-A

Timber Wolf TW-D

Gargoyle GAR-PRIME

Warhawk WHK-C

Executioner EXE-D

Dire Wolf DW-W


Badger Tracked Transport


Light Fusion Engine

* Heavy Metal DLC content


Outreach is a red tinted system owned by Wolf's Dragoons that can be found quite close to Terra in the center of the Inner Sphere. You can press CTRL+F and type Outreach into the search field to highlight it on the Navigation map.

Stock Loadout