Blackjack (50T)

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General Data
'Mech Type BattleMech
Weight 50T
Stock Role Pirate Custom
Stock Specifications
Speed 4/6/0
Firepower Max Damage: 140
Max Stability: 72
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 760
Structure: 416
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 60
Alpha: 18
Melee Kick: 50
Punch: 25
Stock Equipment
Engine XL Engine
Core 170
Heat Sinks Heat Sink Kit (DHS)
E-Cooling None
Gyro Gyro Recoil +
Structure Endo-Steel Structure (Fixed)
Armor Standard Armor
Head Blackjack Improved Targeting (Fixed)
FCS Precision Computer
Left Torso Heat Sink (D)
Heat Sink (D)
Light Rifle
Right Torso Heat Sink (D)
Heat Sink (D)
Light Rifle
Left Arm Light Rifle
Rotary L. Rifle
Right Arm Light Rifle
Rotary L. Rifle
Left Leg Ammo Light Rifle
Ammo Light Rifle
Right Leg Ammo Light Rifle
Ammo Light Rifle

Special Note: The Blackjack BJ-1M is a custom Community Content 'Mech.


The Blackjack BJ1-M Is a Custom mech created by Pirate Leader Midnight Moonbeam. The mech was built 5 tons heavier then the normal Blackjack in order to handle the weight of the new rotary rifles mounted in it's arms as well as more armor at the cost of a smaller core and no jumpjets. This pirate Mech was soon found in a few Kurita lances as the firepower it brought was effective at killing the same pirates that made it.

<b><color=#e51717>COMMUNITY CONTENT</color></b>


Mech Quirk: Improved Targeting

+1 accuracy with ranged weapons

Pilot Affinity: Precise Shot

+1 bonus on weapon attacks



Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout