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Pilot Bloody Doves.png
General Data
Callsign bloodydoves
Name Adam Coles
Age 28
Gender Male
Faction ComStar
Health 4
Gunnery 5
Piloting 3
Guts 5
Tactics 3
Designers Insight.png
Designers Insight (Unique To BD)
Command ExperienceComStar


Born on Terra, Adam joined ComStar as an Acolyte at a young age. After years of training on Terra, he then continued to serve the Blessed Blake as a HPG technician on a fairly backwater world in the Taurian Concordat know as Argos (as happens with new acolytes, they have to learn somewhere). For several years he labored at his duties without much distinction or notice.

Near the close of the 3rd Succession War, the HPG station was attacked by a group of extremely bold (if not more than a little stupid) pirates. ComStar put out a call to the local militia while their meager security force held the pirates at bay as best as they could. However, the pirates soon overwhelmed the ComStar base, and several pirates exited their vehicles to begin looting the compound. It was at this moment that Adam's life took a turn. Making a rash decision to do whatever it took to protect the blessed HPG and technology of old, Adam climbed into a vacated 'Mech and powered it up. Despite a lack of actual training, he found that the controls matched the simulation pods that he enjoyed playing with in his off hours. With his purloined 'Mech lurching into motion he managed some lucky shots, destroying a pirate APC Transport and crippling two tanks. He even managed to knock over one of their Stinger Light 'Mechs as he careened off the side in an ungainly attempt at a charge. Between this unexpected resistance, and the sudden appearance of the local militia, the tide was turned and the pirates were soon in full retreat.

With the battle over, the Precentor in charge of the HPG noted Adam's deeds and encouraged him to walk the missionary's path, believing that Blessed Blake had a higher purpose in mind for him. Adam was to learn the way of the MechWarrior, while also spreading the Word of Blake amongst the stars and searching out other like minded warriors of faith. Calling in some old favors, the Precentor sponsored Adam and had him sent to a Concordat training academy. Wishing him well, the Precentor gifted Adam with a rare printed copy of Jerome Blake's writings, to help guide him through this new future and keep him on the path - this was to become one of Adam's most cherished of possessions over the following years.

Adam now travels the stars, preaching the good word of Blake and fighting for good causes that champion the little folk who so often get forgotten by the larger powers, but not the little mercenaries.


Passive Bonus: Designer's Insight

Bloodydoves gains +1 Initiative, and additionally removes one bar of stability damage when reserving.

Mech Affinity: King Crab - "Beats By Crab"

(Enabled after ten missions in the mech)

Bloodydoves gains +10% weapon damage with his King Crab.


Part of the Pioneering Comrades character origins starting option. Can also be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.

Special Note:

Bloodydoves has a unique voice pack.