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Pilot Max.png
General Data
Callsign Max
Name Clayton Matauita
Age 26
Gender Male
Faction None
Health 4
Gunnery 6
Piloting 2
Guts 4
Tactics 3
AthleticInner Sphere


Clayton Matauita is a crack shot, a pretty tough cookie, and an all-around decent sort of guy. At least, he tries. Most MechWarriors have fuzzy dice, pictures of family, or pictures of Natasha Kerensky in her prime gracing the instrument panels of their ‘Mechs. Clayton has a pair of small athletic shoes, and they are the biggest reason he’s a crack shot, a pretty tough cookie, and an all-around decent sort of guy.

The Matauitas grew up in Rasalhague space, proud of their little state, and completely oblivious to the oncoming storm. When the Clans struck, Clayton and his younger brother Max were far too small to fight, and his family were hardly warriors to boot. So like most, they fled. Or tried. Not everyone was lucky enough to make it off-world in the chaos, and Clayton’s family was separated during evac, with he and his mother headed into one dropship, and his father and younger brother into the other. As one might guess, he never saw his father or brother again, and it took several years to get the official news of the fate of their transport. The last real conversation he’d had with his little brother had been full of tears, with the small boy vowing to become a great MechWarrior and come back to chase the Clans out. Clayton’s path of exile took him far away from home, but he’s content to stay, at least until he gets good enough to go back, and do what his little brother will never get the chance to: kick some Clan ass.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.


Involved in an event chain beginning with "A Dish Served Cold".