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Schiltron Prime
Vehicle Schiltron.png
Controllable Yes
Class Assault
Weight 80t
Speed 3/5
Propulsion Wheeled
Firepower Max Damage: Schiltron.png
Max Stability: Schiltron.png
Max Heat: Schiltron.png
Durability Total Armor: 1216
Total Structure: 200
Front Armor/Structure: 391/40
Left Armor/Structure: 210/40
Right Armor/Structure: 210/40
Rear Armor/Structure: 125/40
Turret Armor/Structure: 280/40
Weapons Arrow IV
Arrow IV
M Laser
M Laser
S Laser
S Laser
S Laser
S Laser
C3 Master
Ammunition Ammo ArrowIV
Ammo ArrowIV
Ammo ArrowIV
Ammo ArrowIV
Ammo ArrowIV
Ammo ArrowIV
Ammo ArrowIV Inferno
Ammo ArrowIV Inferno
Gear Guardian ECM
C3M Circuitry


Designed as an Omni vehicle, the Schiltron uses modular weapon ports similar to those used on OmniMechs allowing it to be quickly reconfigured for a variety of mission parameters. Carrying only 10 tons of armor, the Schiltron is forced to stay well out of the line of fire, something that a top speed of 54 km/h does not always make possible. The base chassis carries a C3 Computer t, as well as a Guardian ECM Suite. The primary configuration of the Schiltron is intended for artillery support with an Arrow IV launcher fed by eight tons of ammunition. In case enemies get close, the Schiltron has a pair of Medium Lasers and four Small Lasers in a turret mount.


  • Free Rasalhague Republic
    • Free Rasalhague Republic
    • 1st Tyr
    • 2nd Freemen
    • 4th Kavalleri
  • Mercenaries
    • Federated Freemen
    • Mercenaries
    • Blue Star Irregulars
    • Knights Of St. Cameron
    • Snord's Irregulars
    • Northwind Highlanders
    • Lone Star Regiment
    • Dismal Disinherited
    • Solaris VII Mercenary League
    • Eridani Light Horse
    • Broadsword Legion
    • Burr's Black Cobras
    • Thermo Police
    • 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers
    • Fist Of Mokal
    • Hsien Hotheads
    • Simonson's Cutthroats
    • Always Faithful
    • Langendorf Lancers
    • Lethal Injection
    • Olson's Rangers
    • The Arcadians
    • 12th Vegan Rangers
    • Dioscuri
    • Harlock's Warriors
    • Screaming Eagles
    • Smithson's Chinese Bandits
    • Vanguard Legion
    • Avanti's Angels
    • Mobile Fire
    • Camacho's Caballeros
    • Greenburg's Godzillas
    • Narhal's Raiders
    • Barrett's Fusiliers
    • The Blackhearts
    • The Krushers
    • Romanov's Crusaders
    • The Black Outlaws
    • 21st Centauri Lancers
    • Rubinsky's Light Horse
    • Khorsakov's Cossacks
    • Winfield's Regiment
    • Jacob's Juggernauts
    • Lindon's Battalion
    • Grim Determination
    • Tooth of Ymir
    • Knights of Caerbannog
    • Bannockburn's Bandits
    • Clean Kill
    • Longwood's Bluecoats
    • Caesar's Cohorts
    • Canopian Highlanders
    • Dragonslayers
    • Harcourt's Destructors
    • Ramilie's Raiders
    • Bronson's Horde
    • Bullard's Armored Cavalry
    • Quint's Olympian Groundpounders
    • Gray's Ghosts
    • Irukjandi Company
    • Antian Lanciarii
    • Black Caravel
    • Kell Hounds
    • Wolf's Dragoons
  • Draconis Combine (Kurita)
    • the Draconis Combine
    • 1st Sword Of Light
    • 3rd Night Stalkers
    • 2nd Legion Of Vega
  • Federated Suns (Davion)
    • 10th Lyran Guards
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    • Davion Assault Guards
    • 2nd Crucis Lancers
    • 1st Kittery Borderers
  • Free Worlds League (Marik)
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    • 1st Knights of the Inner Sphere
    • 2nd Free Worlds Guards
    • 30th Marik Militia
  • Lyran Commonwealth (Steiner)
    • the Lyran Commonwealth
    • 5th Donegal Guards
    • 6th Lyran Guards
    • 15th Lyran Regulars
    • 11th Avalon Hussars
  • Local Government
  • Word of Blake
    • Word of Blake
    • 40th Shadow Division
    • 9th Division III-Gamma