The Alpha Strike

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The Alpha Strike, named for the favorite activity of MechWarriors everywhere, is a prototype circuitry system that supercharges the carrying unit's weapon systems at the cost of incredible heat. The Alpha Strike activates automatically, kicking into gear when the 'mech is already overheating and pushing the heat bar further while enhancing the unit's weapon systems in both damage and accuracy. However, the system creates a large heat burden, meaning that the system is risky. If the MechWarrior pushes too hard, they can easily overtax their heat containment systems, leading to catastrophic meltdowns. The Alpha Strike is Community Content gear and is only found as fixed equipment on a Community Content mech - the Atlas AS7-D-MA.

Manufacturer: Herakleon
Tonnage: 4
Critical Slots: 4
Install Location: Center Torso
Value: 4,000,000
Gear ID: Gear_Alpha_Strike

Equipped Effects:

  • +4 accuracy when activated.
  • +40% weapon damage when activated
  • +40% heat generated when activated
  • 10% chance of failure on activation
  • 25% additional chance of failure on consecutive turns while active
  • On a failure, the Alpha Strike is destroyed

Critical Effects:

  • DESTROYED: Equipped effects disabled


  • Effects kick in when the 'mech is at 60 heat or higher and stop when at 59 heat or lower
  • As the Alpha Strike is fixed equipment you can't permanently lose it if it's destroyed in combat. You'll just need to pay to repair it afterwards in the 'Mech bay

Found On These 'Mechs: