Clan Diamond Shark

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Clan Diamond Shark
DiamondShark logo.png
Capital World Unknown
Ruler Khan Barbara Sennet
Military Clan Diamond Shark Touman
Secret Service Clan Diamond Shark Watch

Originally known as Clan Sea Fox, and often referred to as the Merchant Clan, the Diamond Sharks were among the most powerful and progressive of the Warden Clans. The Diamond Sharks do not offer missions, generally cannot be fought against, and cannot be allied with. However, they have an extensive shop, including a wide variety of Clan gear and 'mechs, specifically one variant of every non-faction specific Clan BattleMech.

Enemy Factions


Faction Store Inventory

Clan Diamond Shark do not have a faction store as it is impossible to ally with them. However they do have their own unique system store Twycross (and Merchant's Rest if you have Community Content enabled) which sells Clan BattleMechs and Clan weapons for exorbitant prices. A list of all faction stores can be found here.

Starting 'Mechs

Clan Diamond Shark currently do not have their own start. For the generic Clan 'mech start see: Clan Starter List

Faction 'Mechs