Endo-Carbide (S)

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Since the Sanctuary did not have a technological dark age like the Inner Sphere did, they never stopped innovating and iterating on Endo-Steel, even developing a variant of it called Endo-Carbide structure. Endo-Carbide was developed accidentally and was originally written off as a mistake since instead of lightening the structure it was denser and harder than normal structure. However, it was discovered that Endo-Carbide was significantly more durable than normal structure, at the cost of extra bulk in each component of the mech. The trade-off was deemed worthwhile and the structure was put into production.

Manufacturer: Sanctuary Manufacturing
Tonnage: 0
Critical Slots: 7 dynamic
Install Location: General
Value: 150,000
Gear ID: emod_structureslots_sanctuaryendocarbide

Equipped Effects:

  • +100% Structure Health
  • Takes up 7 critical slots in 'Mech

Critical Effects:

  • None


  • Structure is always fixed equipment in BTA. You cannot remove or replace it
  • Dynamic slots will be automatically moved around the 'mech's components to fill up free space. E.g. if you fill up the torsos with gear the dynamic armor slots will move to fill the arms and legs

Found On These 'Mechs: (Click Expand For List)