LTV-4 Hover Tank

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LTV-4 Hover Tank
Vehicle LTV-4.png
Controllable Yes
Class Medium
Weight 50t
Speed 7/11
Propulsion Hover
Firepower Max Damage: 87
Max Stability: 36
Max Heat: 0
Durability Total Armor: 472
Total Structure: 155
Front Armor/Structure: 120/31
Left Armor/Structure: 90/31
Right Armor/Structure: 90/31
Rear Armor/Structure: 72/31
Turret Armor/Structure: 100/31
Weapons PPC
Ammunition SRM


The vehicle simply known as the 'Hover Tank' was originally developed by Lucas Technologies as bid to gain a military contract Terran Hegemony's Armed forces. After years of development and proposals, the result their efforts would be the LTV-4 Hover Tank in 2464. The LTV series was the response as part of an effort to counter proliferation of BattleMech technologies stolen from the Hegemony. The vehicle was designed to swarm these early BattleMechs in groups and use their combined firepower to hold them until other forces could close and eliminate them.


The LTV-4 Hover Tank appears in the forces of these factions: